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Rock doodles.
#thenadjrocks #rocks #rockpainting


  • 38w ago oxudo oxudo

    I should send Maia for a master class with you! When are you guys going to visit NY?

  • 38w ago mahaliemonize mahaliemonize

    Rock on 🤘✨

  • 38w ago thenadj thenadj

    @oxudo Oh my!!! How I’d love that!! I am so NOT a traveler. Come visit me on Lummi Island. I miss you!

  • 38w ago oxudo oxudo

    @thenadj - maybe in summer if we make it to the west coast again... or if you ever get n Montreal - we’ll come over. Still has not make it there since we moved...

  • 38w ago swissagi swissagi


  • 36w ago kauai.beach kauai.beach


  • 35w ago nicolettacrisponi nicolettacrisponi

    Nice job 🍓🍓🍓


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