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  • 38w ago baughmanupchurchbethany baughmanupchurchbethany

    Im glad tn was no suffrage...what does suffrage mean exactly? (Fighting for the vote hurt women more than it helped.)

  • 38w ago artbro6996 artbro6996

    West coast best coast

  • 38w ago policoaster policoaster

    God Bless America

  • 38w ago drerx8 drerx8

    Oh look, the south once again lagging behind just like they did with slavery, civil rights, gay rights and on and on

  • 38w ago billlord66 billlord66

    Fortunately the Republican minority in the Senate voted almost unanimously for granting women the vote...the Democrat majority in the Senate voted to deny women the vote but the Republicans overwhelmed these bigots and the amendment was sent to the States over the objections of the Democrat majority.

  • 38w ago married2dank married2dank

    Have a marvelous day !

  • 38w ago llkkjjpps llkkjjpps

    Didnt kniw Canada was a monarchy back then

  • 38w ago john.demerre john.demerre

    @cptncuck It still is

  • 38w ago llkkjjpps llkkjjpps

    @johndemerree lol


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