Instagram post by @trackwrex rex torres

One of the (many) things I learned during my time at @gtchannel was the importance of having the right mounts. For cameras, equipment, etc. One brand in particular that we used that stood out were @rammounts. They were durable, versatile, and fulfilled almost every need. They're also made in America!

That being said, I'm adding a few of these things to our Edmunds testing team box of toys (equipment container). They'll come in handy for @racelogic_uk VBOX MFD's, @gopro cameras, and a lot of other things. Fun times! Now I gotta keep putting the rest of these together... #edmunds #edmundsdotcom #edmundseditorial #edmundstestingteam #ilovemyjob #equipment #rammounts #mountup #madeintheUSA


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