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Just wearing my R.I.P. Patriarchy tote (c/o the awesome @gottesss) and pointing at the Witch House...This pretty much sums up our tours. They’re more than just a rehashing of events that happened in the past. They’re about truly interacting with history as it’s still unfolding today (think oppression in the name of protecting the status quo AKA patriarchy). So, even if you’ve lived in Salem your entire life, there’s still an opportunity to learn about it through a different lens (I promise, you’ll be surprised)! We have walking tours TODAY and ALL weekend 3pm + 7pm. Book online or stop by the @hauswitch store! 📸 by @witcheryl #witchesofinstagram #feminism #selfstudy #historyinthemaking #touring #seminar #fuckthepatriarchy #witchcity #salem #locals #weekendplans


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