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Around this time last year, I was in a salary job, strapped to my desk, listening to every order from my bosses. I was extremely unhappy and desired freedom. Freedom to make decisions for the company’s marketing (I handled a real estate company’s marketing), freedom in my schedule, freedom in wherever I wished to work.
When I started to think about making a change, I first turned to the environment since that was where I was most unhappy. I️ envisioned waking up on my own time, having time to workout and make breakfast before starting my day, and having the freedom to work from the comfort of my home or going to a creative space like a coffee shop. ☕️ If you know me, you know coffee shops and cafes are my favorite place to get work done. Whenever I pictured my “ideal” workspace, I visualized a cute coffee shop with bangin’ chai lattes, unique interior design, and tons of natural light. ✨

Well, today I had a moment. I dropped off my car at the shop and walked to that cute coffee shop I dreamed about and here I am, working on MY business. Working for ME, on MY time, in MY ideal workspace. ✨

It feels surreal, but when I think back to how many times I️ shared this dream with Conor, it doesn’t feel like a coincidence. I created this experience with constant visualization, taking a leap into the unknown, and fully believing in myself. ✨

Whatever it is you dream of, whether it be a thing, a goal, an experience, you are the creator of your life. Focus on what you need to do to create that very thing. It’s not out of reach, it’s up to you. 👊🏻 #liveyourlifehappy #pursueyourpassions #pursueyourdreams


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