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Believe it or not, this mostly brings #galacticnights to an end from April earlier this year. My phone battery was almost dead, but I made it! It was about midnight when @nmallenart and I were playing around with the droids, and the fireworks started. I was in awe like a little kid. I stood there smiling and recording, then rushed to a small stall when it was done, and bought 3 Mickey pretzels! I forgot I wanted those so badly xD I think I may have annoyed them but thank you random Disney employee TuT!! Frank let me use his external charger to recharge my phone enough I could take pics since it died after the fireworks. This pic means so much TuT thank you guys for taking pics of me! And thanks everyone for reliving the magic with me as I count down to another Galactic Nights in December! #hondoohnaka #waltdisneyworld #starwars #hollywoodstudios #hollywoodstudiosorlando #disneyshollywoodstudios #mickeypretzel thank you also to the epic Krennic xD it was amazing to see him in the cantina area!! Nicole asked him about how he felt about Tarkin I think xD


  • 52w ago carrie_quite_contrary carrie_quite_contrary

    Oh that's so awesome! It is spectacular...There really is nothing quite as extraordinary as being surrounded by your favorite thing in a place that really does feel magical. I'm so glad you got to have so much fun! I love these pictures! I hope one day I get to play with the droids! ;w; !! 💙

  • 52w ago nmallenart nmallenart

    I just want to go back and redo it all over again! It was truly magical and we both had a wonderful time with you! <3

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