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Stella’s boy hasn’t walked in 4 weeks, and tomorrow he faces the surgery we hoped he’d never need. 6 more weeks in casts post-op, then Luke will have to relearn how to walk. At least we know that through it all, there will be a loving little lab by his side. #adogandherboy #longroad #dognamedstella -----------------------------------------------
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  • 51w ago captainrudee13 captainrudee13

    They are lucky to have each other 🐾💙we will keep Luke in our thoughts and prayers 🙏🏻❤️

  • 51w ago jasminbrvn jasminbrvn

    Crossing fingers for you 💛

  • 51w ago

    Everything will come out great sending you and your family all my prayers

  • 51w ago turn_and_face_the_strange turn_and_face_the_strange

    Sending many prayers to Luke and Stella!!

  • 51w ago good_boy_oakley good_boy_oakley

    Prayers for Luke 💛🙏🏼

  • 51w ago wheresthedogcatcher12 wheresthedogcatcher12

    Hope all went Sending good vibes ❤️❤️

  • 51w ago mainebluedog mainebluedog

    Thinking of you Luke! 💙

  • 51w ago lizegrient lizegrient

    Good luck!!

  • 51w ago _zaddy_trey_ _zaddy_trey_

    My prayers are with u

  • 51w ago bainbridge01 bainbridge01

    Good luck Luke. Such horrible surgery for a little boy. I’m a grown adult who has just had a knee replacement and can’t imagine how brave he has to be.

  • 51w ago bassett_lover bassett_lover

    Praying for Luke! ❤️

  • 51w ago twofatweinersinfl twofatweinersinfl

    There is nothing stronger or more beautiful than a dog and her boy😂

  • 51w ago phinster101 phinster101

    Sending good vibes to Luke and the family! ❤

  • 51w ago stella_bella_rosa stella_bella_rosa

    Sending love your way🐶❤️🐾

  • 51w ago shasha767 shasha767

    Wishing a speedy recovery to dear Luke.

  • 51w ago _braaaapgirl_ _braaaapgirl_


  • 51w ago cinnamonexpress cinnamonexpress

    Speedy recovery and home to run and play very soon

  • 51w ago wisconsin_charliethechimix wisconsin_charliethechimix

    Praying for a speedy recovery for Luke!!

  • 51w ago laurie_boerner laurie_boerner


  • 51w ago judie_engel judie_engel

    Praying for Luke’s complete recovery and strength for his parents. ❤️🙏🏼

  • 51w ago lisalm18 lisalm18

    Praying ❤️

  • 51w ago angienichols2 angienichols2

    Speedy recovery to Luke!! I know he will do juuuuust great!!!!

  • 51w ago rockstar424200 rockstar424200

    Praying for little Luke and the family 🙏

  • 51w ago kananibunny kananibunny

    ❤️❤️❤️ sending good thoughts

  • 51w ago jessland93 jessland93

    Sending ALL the good vibes 💖🐾

  • 51w ago cal1920 cal1920

    Luke's lab friend will be waiting to help Luke walk again. Love & prayers to you all

  • 51w ago janetcaliri janetcaliri


  • 51w ago roeblake roeblake


  • 51w ago bjstem bjstem

    Dogs are amazing may Luke have a speedy recovery

  • 51w ago jameswasielewski jameswasielewski

    @elliehanold omg this makes me so sad :(

  • 51w ago elliehanold elliehanold

    @jameswasielewski ikr!! the little boy is so freaking cute

  • 51w ago sinnora.jhirad sinnora.jhirad

    Speedy recovery, Luke! You will be well and running with Stella very soon!

  • 51w ago reneestinson313 reneestinson313

    God bless for a speedy recovery💙

  • 51w ago patrick_labrador patrick_labrador

    Get well soon !!! All my prayers! ❤❤

  • 51w ago winonumero2 winonumero2

    Speedy recover. Prayers for you all.

  • 50w ago deirdremacdougall deirdremacdougall

    Prayers for Luke I see he is home recovering.Sending lots of love and I believe he we be well with all the love from Stella and your beautiful family. God Bless him and I will keep in my prayers. This picture is so lovely prayers a remake will come in time 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤ Love from Boston and thank you for the joy you share. I love your feed.❤❤❤

  • 50w ago fadalouieandme fadalouieandme

    Why in the world do kids and dogs have to suffer? 😢 Hang in there, little Luke. You have people and a crazy dog who love you so much.

  • 48w ago lihau_88 lihau_88

    @lara_demain Devin needs a lab!

  • 47w ago linda62443 linda62443


  • 28w ago loonylake loonylake

    I'm in love with this picture. Definitely worth a 1000 words

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