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A year ago today I had top surgery and it’s kinda hard to put into words exactly how it feels. But I can tell you one of my favorite feels is the way the pups lay on my flat chest. .
It’s pretty amazing. .
I had surgery with @drsidhbhgallagher and her wonderful team. Based here in Indianapolis, I feel really lucky that I didn’t have to travel. No drains was a huge plus, and they were super responsive when I had worries about swelling a couple weeks in. .
I’ve done zero scar care outside of massaging the incisions to flatten them out. They tell a hell of a story and if time fades them so be it. #ftm #topsurgery #postop #drgallagher #ftmadventures #pawsonmychest #indianapolis #transgender #transvisibility #transman #transpride #scars #nodrains #transandinked #transandshirtless



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