Instagram post by @melo.roseharv Somethin' about Will Estes ®

A seemingly innocent conversation between 2 partners....except there's nothing really innocent about it, huh? I hope we get to see it too... in the near future. Because honestly, my fellow #Jamko fans, how do we even 'unsee' this now? #bluebloods #willestes #vanessaray


  • 52w ago loveserenityvista loveserenityvista

    Any updates on this weeks episode? Looks like @vrayskull will have a storyline regarding an old friend from high school. You know Jamie will help her see clear! Excited to see them back on and not just Jamie at the dinner table. This past episode was so sweet.

  • 52w ago cubeandshit cubeandshit

    I can’t wait till next week! This weeks episode was amazing.

  • 52w ago saritaboyette saritaboyette

    This was a wonderful episode - just what we needed!

  • 52w ago melo.roseharv melo.roseharv

    @jamko_multi._ Me too! Always excited when Jamie and Eddie gets the spotlight. Looking forward to 8x08 this Friday! 😊

  • 52w ago melo.roseharv melo.roseharv

    @saritaboyette Exactly. 😉

  • 52w ago melo.roseharv melo.roseharv

    @loveserenityvista Besides the 2 sneak peaks that had been released, with no Jamie and Eddie in it of course, all we know is that Eddie's background will be highlighted in this episode. And looks like Jamie may have some 'not so nice' words for that loathed acquaintance of Eddie's. Maybe we will get to see another never-before-seen side of Jamie? 😉

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