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I am done DONE with this child breaking down Star Wars, her explainy hands and her Darth Vader voice. We got her a Star Wars Dictionary during our latest library trip that she and her dad read everyday. @romyroam @iannrobinson i think you’d enjoy this haha. We’ve got a two minute version that is more in depth that I’ll be sharing with her dad later lol @djkhalil #starwars


  • 40w ago romyroam romyroam

    "Yoda is very powerful.." Omg I love her! 😍 Mika's favorite is Darth and Kylo Ren. She's turn to the darkside. I swear they would love hanging out together. *heavy breathing* 😂

  • 40w ago lboogstagram lboogstagram

    How does she know to cover her mouth to distort her voice? Who does that?

  • 40w ago myssmoxie myssmoxie

    @lboogstagram her dad! Lool

  • 40w ago myssmoxie myssmoxie

    @romyroam FOR SURE! When you ask which T-shirt she wants to wear, it’s always Vader 😩lol

  • 40w ago chinstogram chinstogram

    My goodness

  • 40w ago naniife naniife

    Absolutely love this! I want to grew up an have an amazing Star Wars fan as a kid. Little girl at that!

  • 40w ago inalikechina inalikechina

    omg, meh cyant!! 😩🤣🗣

  • 40w ago szcosta szcosta

    Wow 😳I’m officially the only person besides my kids who hasn’t seen star wars

  • 39w ago myssmoxie myssmoxie

    @szcosta ha! She hasn’t seen I️t either!! It’s this book 🤓 and I️ found some Star Wars toddler socks at Target that I️ cannot was to give her as a gift from baby brother! Lol.

  • 39w ago kcsuperville kcsuperville

    She is amazing!!!

  • 39w ago moneymonee moneymonee

    This is too cute

  • 39w ago sidsriram sidsriram

    Amazing amazing amazing

  • 35w ago janascanio janascanio

    😭🙏🏼😭 #PADAWAN Absolutely adorable - Jan -


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