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I’ve been seeing more and more ads in airport washrooms, and documentaries, and other news regarding human trafficking. It’s horrific, but it’s coming to light and I’m hopeful that the people involved can all be exposed eventually. We can all help make a difference! Watch the documentaries, get informed, share important info, be aware and report anything suspicious, and follow the instructions for the Traffickcam app in this post. Especially if you’re air crew. We spend half of our lives in airports and hotels. Taking a few seconds to take a pic for the data base can potentially save lives. See details below. 👇🏽
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Pedophilia is an uncomfortable subject. No one wants to talk about it and most feel helpless to stop it, so we prefer to ignore the issue rather than discuss it. But the truth remains that this is a very real and widespread problem, one we all need to address if we can ever hope to solve it.

This has been a hot topic lately with Corey Feldman, who has been working to expose Hollywood for “a pedophile ring” he says he’s known of since he was a child. Other celebrities have raised similar concerns, including Elijah Wood, while Ashton Kutcher recently co-founded Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children, an international organization that fights against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children and whose work is changing the fates of thousands upon thousands of human trafficking victims.

Powerful people are working to eradicate this issue, and now, you can help, too.

The TraffickCam app is a free app available for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to upload pictures of your hotel room. Linked to a national database used by law enforcement, the photos help them locate trafficked children. If you frequently travel or stay in hotel rooms, you can really help in the fight against child trafficking.

A great initiative that helps people come together from all over the world, it has already garnered over 1.5 million images of hotels across the world, thanks to support from the public. The reality is, the internet has made trafficking much


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    Waw love your pics 😍 Makes me wanna travel soooon in there !

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    Wish more people cared about this

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    This is just as big to me as animal rights. Children are just as pure as the animals we see get killed, and some of the stories I've read, watched, heard make my skin crawl especially having a little almost four year old boy myself. I will never understand how people could hurt, torture, abuse a child in any way. Thank you for posting this - it needs to end. Children deserve their innocence, safety and respect.


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