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Then and Now......Jamie's very first collar when he was just a rookie cop, and his first time delivering a baby seven years absolute thing remain unchanged....his SMILE. That moment of elation and exhilaration thoroughly captured by that smile....then and now.
Sometimes, I'd wonder if the character of 'Jamie Reagan' would be as well-liked as he is now if he wasn't being portrayed by the endearing Will Estes? You can't help but wonder what kind of interchanging effects the real personality of the actor has on the role and also vice versa. And then all you can do is simply applaud whoever it was that ultimately had that foresight to cast Will as Jamie Reagan almost eight years ago.
There's something really very likable about Will... and that likability factor alone, plus that charming smile, of course, has helped make the character of Jamie Reagan even more perfect than the writers had first set him up to be.
The smile that we see on Jamie is Will's... that likable and unthreatening demeanor, although just a part of the fictional persona of Officer Reagan ultimately still Will Estes. I guess that's really what Will meant when he said that all the characters that he played are parts of himself either obscured or magnified. Because....for all we know, Jamie Reagan is as much Will Estes, as Will Estes is Jamie Reagan. #willestes #jamiereagan #bluebloods



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