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What’s your motivation? This is mine! Hoping to get rid of the nerve pain from shingles’s after 12 weeks. Getting back to the gym is coming soon, fingers crossed. Missing the grind. 💯💪🏽
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  • 70w ago john_micaletti_ifbb_pro john_micaletti_ifbb_pro

    Oh man that sucks. Your still a BEAST. Stay focused. Since my injury in August, it won’t be til Dec-Jan that I’ll even be able to lift a weight. Same boat. But we’re both motivated and determined. 💪🏻

  • 70w ago chadcurtisfitness chadcurtisfitness

    love your profile :)

  • 70w ago seandlifts seandlifts

    @chadcurtisfitness Thx brother 👊🏽

  • 70w ago seandlifts seandlifts

    @john_micaletti_ifbb_pro We all rise up together brother! It’s a rough road we’re heading towards, but it will be worth it. All we can do is take each day as they come. 👊🏽

  • 70w ago tony_lynch1969 tony_lynch1969

    Keep grinding brother.

  • 70w ago seandlifts seandlifts

    @tony_lynch1969 As soon as I’m able to hit the gym again, you know I’ll be grinding until I’m back. 👊🏽

  • 70w ago ataylor716 ataylor716

    You got this!!! Progress every day!!

  • 70w ago shopmaxfit shopmaxfit


  • 70w ago cambboy80 cambboy80

    YOU gave the knowledge support and love to others to watch you. Now show them something they never seen before. #TheComeback

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