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Instagram post by @mariahcarey Mariah Carey

It’s almost time! Get my new movie, All I Want for Christmas is You, TOMORROW! #ALLIWANTMOVIE 🎅🐶 @alliwantmovie


  • 2d ago anthonymt__ anthonymt__

    @cardispunani it's about ur legacy and ur longetivity in the industry and ms cardi had a one hit wonder. she's a wonderful woman but she ain't no mariah.

  • 2d ago cardispunani cardispunani

    @anthonymt__ then explain why all cardi entires are top 20 while miss piggy last 2 albums didn’t pop? Legacy and longevity where?

  • 2d ago anthonymt__ anthonymt__

    @cardispunani sweetie everyone has a prime in their career. she's has sold over 250 million records world wide and has platinum and diamond albums and that was just in her debut. u can't compare cardi to mariah lmao. her first #1 was in 1990 and her last #1 was in 2007 and she's that's over 10+ year and plus mariah's top 20 hits that 27 years and then her timeless classic self written christmas songs that also enter the top 100 every year.

  • 2d ago anthonymt__ anthonymt__

    @cardispunani how are u going to compare 40 year old to mariah to cardi now. obviously it's different decades. and mariah got #1s purely from album and single sales. there wasn't streams back then.

  • 2d ago anthonymt__ anthonymt__

    @cardispunani be fair and compare them at the same age and their prime. she even wrote a song for the victims of the columbine shooting to help them. literally she's the queen. her songwriting, producing, and vocals are untouched. meanwhile there's a new cardi every other month. i would love to see someone achieve the longetivity and have the vocal power and songwriting skills mariah had in her prime.

  • 2d ago anthonymt__ anthonymt__

    @cardispunani oh and btw mariah could've had even more #1 singles but she blocked herself a lot of times bc one of her songs was already #1 on billboard and her song was #2 . cardi could never. ur being delusional.

  • 2d ago ccl13 ccl13

    I'm totally bummed your show is cancelled 😞

  • 2d ago demdam922 demdam922

    Great my show is cancelled -.- for real now?!

  • 2d ago ip1428 ip1428

    I was a fan you write can sing but look at you now your making a fool of yourself taking care of a kid Mariah you look just stupid I’m embarrassed for you.. be a mom do your kids and grow up close your shirt and take care of your career.. look at J.Lo not half the talent as you but putting you to shame all day everyday

  • 2d ago ip1428 ip1428

    And nick needs to take a break I know he loves his kids he needs to take them now... your to drunk for them and to busy with your little toy boy you can’t even walk anymore... and before completely have no long career stop it you were Mariah Carey now a joke...!!!

  • 2d ago crisrunworld crisrunworld


  • 2d ago rincon2854 rincon2854

    Hi bu !

  • 2d ago moniquead2 moniquead2

    Get well soon

  • 2d ago flyflybutterfly123 flyflybutterfly123

    Mariah's show on the 17 has been canceled

  • 2d ago flyflybutterfly123 flyflybutterfly123

    @ip1428 you are a hater,she takes care of her kids fine and she can have a BF if she wants to. Nick already had a baby with another woman,let them rebuild their lives. Yes, she likes to drink,that makes me more worried for her than them babies,they are well taken care of. I am just worried for her voice and health. Speaking from personal experience,my father liked to drink,i had no problem with it and he only stopped in order to get his drivers license again. Obviously Mariah doesn't drive,and yes, she can walk,that joke is getting old.

  • 2d ago flyflybutterfly123 flyflybutterfly123

    @worldstarchico a sucessful hooker the

  • 2d ago bombom_kalienty bombom_kalienty


  • 2d ago juicy_guccii juicy_guccii


  • 2d ago missy_putt missy_putt

    Is it on tv???? @mariahcarey

  • 2d ago j_robinson52513 j_robinson52513

    Such a cute movie! We loved it

  • 2d ago oliviasluna oliviasluna

    I got it!!!!!

  • 2d ago oliviasluna oliviasluna

    Yestuarday.. The day it came out

  • 2d ago kenz_luvpittys kenz_luvpittys

    I bought it and now watching!!!! 😍

  • 2d ago monaveenlondon monaveenlondon

    Where can we buy in the U.K.

  • 2d ago monaveenlondon monaveenlondon


  • 2d ago rosanna49ers rosanna49ers

    We got it & my daughter luved it!! She cried at the end ! Lol

  • 2d ago busabus1000 busabus1000

    We see 👀 you working @mariahcarey

  • 2d ago ydiwow ydiwow

    Is this gonna come out in other countries such as the Philippines?🤔

  • 2d ago aisyahkay22 aisyahkay22

    Can't Waittttttttt Your New Movies So Cutes

  • 2d ago flyflybutterfly123 flyflybutterfly123

    @ip1428 "close up your shirt"and then you compare her to J-Lo,let's not pretend J-Lo dresses more demure,cause we both know that ain't true.

  • 2d ago tantanet_m14 tantanet_m14


  • 2d ago mimachula mimachula

    Have it

  • 1d ago lov_ella lov_ella

    Ordered mine today❤ can't wait to watch it with my 20, 19 and 15 year old haha yes they were born into Mariah fan house!!❤❤❤ xoxox @mariahcarey

  • 1d ago mwinstonmw45 mwinstonmw45

    Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you Tomorrow, You're always a day a Today!!

  • 1d ago sunnymiwa sunnymiwa

    @mariahcarey @bryantanaka @alliwantmovie When will it be available in Japanese store in the iTunes?

  • 1d ago ip1428 ip1428

    We all are fans but y’all tell the truth Mariah is loosing it I don’t think fans get it this is no hate Mariah needs to take hold of her life and career it’s getting old the drinking has been out of control I would hate and so would wake up and hear she’s gone I’m coming from a medical standpoint Mariah needs to wake up and put things together some people do care want more from her for her than a little boy that wouldn’t give her the time of day without the benefits he’s getting and you say I’m wrong your liein*

  • 1d ago ip1428 ip1428

    Lambs if you really care say something in love to Mariah she’s been on this same path to long Mariah and this whole diva thing has played out it’s old they say she’s late and difficult to work with and she needs to get rid of the yes people and have people around her that will love her and not just the perks and the money their getting Mariah is too talented to not be making and doing bigger things and y’all no this but keep on with this and when you hear something has happened... your just fans she has children remember that lambs

  • 12h ago rebecca_elizabeth rebecca_elizabeth


  • 8h ago juliafelix.4 juliafelix.4

    I just finshed watching the movie😬... It was so good 👍 great job @mariahcarey

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