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It’s almost time! Get my new movie, All I Want for Christmas is You, TOMORROW! #ALLIWANTMOVIE 🎅🐶 @alliwantmovie


  • 31w ago missy_putt missy_putt

    Is it on tv???? @mariahcarey

  • 31w ago jazzie_j89 jazzie_j89

    Such a cute movie! We loved it

  • 31w ago oliviaskyluna oliviaskyluna

    I got it!!!!!

  • 31w ago oliviaskyluna oliviaskyluna

    Yestuarday.. The day it came out

  • 31w ago kenz_luvpittys kenz_luvpittys

    I bought it and now watching!!!! 😍

  • 31w ago monaveenlondon monaveenlondon

    Where can we buy in the U.K.

  • 31w ago monaveenlondon monaveenlondon


  • 31w ago rosanna49ers rosanna49ers

    We got it & my daughter luved it!! She cried at the end ! Lol

  • 31w ago busabus1000 busabus1000

    We see 👀 you working @mariahcarey

  • 31w ago ydiwow ydiwow

    Is this gonna come out in other countries such as the Philippines?🤔

  • 31w ago kanyaaaa22_ kanyaaaa22_

    Can't Waittttttttt Your New Movies So Cutes

  • 31w ago flyflybutterfly123 flyflybutterfly123

    @ip1428 "close up your shirt"and then you compare her to J-Lo,let's not pretend J-Lo dresses more demure,cause we both know that ain't true.

  • 31w ago tantanet_m14 tantanet_m14


  • 31w ago mimachula mimachula

    Have it

  • 31w ago lov_ella lov_ella

    Ordered mine today❤ can't wait to watch it with my 20, 19 and 15 year old haha yes they were born into Mariah fan house!!❤❤❤ xoxox @mariahcarey

  • 31w ago mwinstonmw45 mwinstonmw45

    Tomorrow, tomorrow I love you Tomorrow, You're always a day a Today!!

  • 31w ago sunnymiwa sunnymiwa

    @mariahcarey @bryantanaka @alliwantmovie When will it be available in Japanese store in the iTunes?

  • 31w ago ip1428 ip1428

    We all are fans but y’all tell the truth Mariah is loosing it I don’t think fans get it this is no hate Mariah needs to take hold of her life and career it’s getting old the drinking has been out of control I would hate and so would wake up and hear she’s gone I’m coming from a medical standpoint Mariah needs to wake up and put things together some people do care want more from her for her than a little boy that wouldn’t give her the time of day without the benefits he’s getting and you say I’m wrong your liein*

  • 31w ago ip1428 ip1428

    Lambs if you really care say something in love to Mariah she’s been on this same path to long Mariah and this whole diva thing has played out it’s old they say she’s late and difficult to work with and she needs to get rid of the yes people and have people around her that will love her and not just the perks and the money their getting Mariah is too talented to not be making and doing bigger things and y’all no this but keep on with this and when you hear something has happened... your just fans she has children remember that lambs

  • 31w ago rebecca_elizabeth rebecca_elizabeth


  • 31w ago juliafelix.4 juliafelix.4

    I just finshed watching the movie😬... It was so good 👍 great job @mariahcarey

  • 30w ago emchammer129 emchammer129

    @sbo210 v impt info

  • 30w ago harrisjuice harrisjuice

    My little girl and I absolutely loved it!x

  • 30w ago cjmonzon62 cjmonzon62

    Got my copy last week going to have a sleep over with my grandchildren to watch it so excited!

  • 30w ago omarpedroc omarpedroc


  • 30w ago itzbrookthebook itzbrookthebook

    I just watched this

  • 30w ago rain_caper rain_caper

    I got the book for my girls last Christmas and now got the movie. They loved the book and can't wait to watch the movie with them. I'm saving it for their Elf on the Shelf to leave it for them for his return. Something special we do we 💕

  • 29w ago love_niyah__ love_niyah__

    I loved the movie

  • 29w ago pier_fuhrman pier_fuhrman

    Just watched it on Amazon with my boys while we put up the tree. Awesome😎

  • 28w ago cornylaur cornylaur

    My daughter makes me what this every night

  • 27w ago danyastewart danyastewart

    My 3 yr old twin boys are hooked! They LOVE this movie and so do I.

  • 26w ago queenazevedo queenazevedo

    Watching this now with my 4.5 year old and she LOVES it so much!! Her name is Brielle Mariah 😉😘😘😘

  • 25w ago

    @cinfrandani km uda lihattt ta

  • 25w ago

    Yah blm :(

  • 23w ago vivanatalia vivanatalia

    My 3 year old's fav movie- she is still making us play it! 😭 she dances and dances and dan as to all I want for Christmas and pretends her stuffed panda is a dog named jack. So cute

  • 12w ago itsargjawn itsargjawn

    All I want this year is U💪🏽🤗🙏🏽❤️😍😘😎😇🙌🏾

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