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Instagram post by @jaybirdsport JAYBIRD

Recharging in the wild is always a good idea. Take a breather – 5 minutes gets you an extra hour of playtime with Jaybird RUN. 📷: @snydo #poweryourpassion


  • 10w ago the_akpanda the_akpanda

    Initial thought is that, "how does the fit feel? Is there customizable ear tips and or fins like the jaybird x3." Because even with the x3 im having problems with the fit sometimes.

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    #jaybird #jaybirdsport #run #trulywireless #running

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @the_akpanda Yes! There are many options that make the Jaybird RUNs customizable to your ears!

  • 10w ago thittz thittz

    Headphones are the best!

  • 10w ago pedrorezende10 pedrorezende10

    Muito bom!! Prático, leve, ótima qualidade... novo companheiro de corrida.

  • 10w ago eflorida eflorida

    I'm confused, it seems like you don't actually sell the headphones I keep seeing all over my IG feed?

  • 10w ago eduardomogz eduardomogz

    Is the connectivity issues have been fixed? @jaybirdsport

  • 10w ago christidf christidf

    Love the concept but the case keeps opening in my bag and connecting to my phone without me knowing. Results in a lot of missed calls and falling out of case. Worried gonna loose them. Called customer service and still no response on. What they are doing. Feel like I️ wasted my money.

  • 10w ago teragawa2_blulinerunnr teragawa2_blulinerunnr

    I am the same. I run with the X2 or 3. But there is the whole wire thing behind my ears. And have to replace before after running in the rain. Pretty expensive to have to buy another set after water damage. These gonna be waterproof?

  • 10w ago yantokantok yantokantok

    @fajarwepe nih pon

  • 10w ago diesel_mcgee009 diesel_mcgee009

    @eduardomogz that’s what I need to know too

  • 10w ago parkcitybestcity parkcitybestcity

    "We spy"... with our little eyes your logo Newley draped over the X Armada headquarters here in Park City....😲😲😲.. Do TELL!!! 🤠👍@jaybirdsport

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @eduardomogz @diesel_mcgee009 We released a firmware update to fix the connectivity issue!

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @eflorida you can find availability on our website jaybirdsport.com!

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @christidf check your inbox!

  • 10w ago eflorida eflorida

    @jaybirdsport that message didn't come through. Are the totally wireless one's not released yet? Those seem to be all the hype.

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @parkcitybestcity We’re here to stay! 😉

  • 10w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @teragawa2_blulinerunnr The RUNs are sweat-proof and water-resistant! If you can run through it, so can RUN. 😎

  • 10w ago aaudrey_yerduaa aaudrey_yerduaa


  • 9w ago becpolamcc becpolamcc

    Scammers in AU - you get charged for your order - never to receive - and ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • 9w ago jaybirdsport jaybirdsport

    @becpolamcc Please DM us with more information so we can shut this down! Thank you for bringing to our attention.

  • 9w ago becpolamcc becpolamcc

    @jaybirdsport have done this numerous times. Apparently with top customer service tier???. So check with them! Just warning people in AU not buy from you.

  • 9w ago christidf christidf

    I agree. Terrible service. I have been emailing back and forth for 10 days about issues with the product and they went dark for 6 days. Now asked to return and it is taking 30 mins to process and i could do over photo. Only purchased bc @jessemthomas promoed them.

  • 9w ago christidf christidf

    @jaybirdsport you guys still havent come through. Disappointing. Will never buy another product.

  • 9w ago jessemthomas jessemthomas

    @christidf hey Christi! Bummed to hear haven’t had any problems with mine. What’s the issue? I’ll see if I can connect have usually heard good things about their customer service.

  • 9w ago tri_delcampo1995 tri_delcampo1995

    Uooooo que pasada !!!!!

  • 9w ago christidf christidf

    @jessemthomas thanks fir the response! Someone at company finally contacted me. I hope its an isolated issue! Loved the concept. They made running easier!!

  • 8w ago rorybosio rorybosio

    It’s like magic how fast they recharge! I wish my legs could recharge that fast.

  • 7w ago buzzedsailor buzzedsailor


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