Instagram post by @soshy DEB

✍🏽I felt it coming. The whole time, I felt it coming. Instinct. The worth and the confidence you provide yourself will determine the relevancy of your instinct. Without it, it’s just a GPS without Wifi, Useless.
When I go in a club and feel the people, dance to the music, my inhibitions leave my body and my mind. Then I realize, I truly realize... How Dope I am and dope we could all be! Not ego tripping. Just love myself enough to feel myself. The crossroad I’m at now will draw my future. And I want it picture perfect ! I worked hard for this shit. I trust my instinct to take me where I’m supposed to make a difference. And I can’t settle for less. God Got me. #Instinct #Noinhibitions #Worth #Confidence #Music #Feelitcoming #Amen


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