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"[A] version of the origin of Ohaffia matriliny [...] refers to pregnant women [who] in the wanderings of the Ohaffia people had to be abandoned, [...] in labour [...] or because it was suspected [they would birth twins, an abomination]. The women were [left] in the charge and care of a brother or husband, and such abandoned women, it is said, became the founders of new Ohaffia settlements. In fact, certain Ohaffia villages do have [...] traditions of female founders. [...] There are cases of traditions in Ohaffia in which the part that women played in the founding of certain villages or lineage groups is acknowledged and even ritually rehearsed from year to year." – Philip O. Nsugbe (1974). Ohaffia: A Matrilineal Ibo People. pp. 18–19.

Photo: Ohafia, 1930s. G. I. Jones. #igbo #Ohafia #abiastate #matrilineal

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