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Britney TOKYO produced @tsumekira Old English Metallic nail Sticker💅🏻🌹 out December 1st🔥🔥🔥in the US🇺🇸 @naillabousa & Japan 🇯🇵 @tsumekira online
#ネイルエキスポ #ネイルアート #ネイル #nails #nailart #nailexpo


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  • 56w ago seerrya seerrya

    先生、日本に来てくださってありがとうございました!!今日は少しでも会えて嬉しかったです!!🎶✨I wanted to ask you about nail salon work in United States but you looked so busy !

  • 56w ago superhomy superhomy

    So sick

  • 56w ago nailbarlounge nailbarlounge

    Love the Charms❣️

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  • 56w ago gingerwithuhsoul gingerwithuhsoul

    Omgosh stop ittt 😍😍😫😫

  • 56w ago nailsbymarizen nailsbymarizen

    @milesofstylz Thanks for the tag gurl!💖

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  • 55w ago iwannnnaa iwannnnaa

    @taszy27 “mom i’m home”

  • 55w ago phoenixlauren phoenixlauren

    So good.

  • 55w ago lizbethefoodest lizbethefoodest

    @nails_byjennifer73 the taco nails!

  • 54w ago fairycam fairycam

    will they be available in europe?

  • 53w ago c_na38 c_na38


  • 41w ago mbsummerss mbsummerss

    Do I have to have a license to purchase in store?

  • 41w ago britneytokyo britneytokyo

    @c_na38 @tsumekiraのサイトで買えます😘

  • 41w ago britneytokyo britneytokyo

    @mbsummerss I don’t think so. Because stickers. Check @naillabousa online please

  • 41w ago britneytokyo britneytokyo

    @fairycam not sure🙄please contact to @tsumekira

  • 41w ago mbsummerss mbsummerss

    @britneytokyo sure will, thank you

  • 41w ago britneytokyo britneytokyo

    @mbsummerss your welcome 😃

  • 33w ago steezyvictoria steezyvictoria

    Are these ever going to restock ?

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