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Sorry! Had to repost.
Guess who we met at the launch bay?? I am trying to remember now what he asked. I think it was something about turning my friend in for a bounty. I mean of course Hondo would xD Boba was a firecracker xD also, had to mass take pics as fast as I could of the launch Bay interior!! While @nmallenart and I stood in line, Frank took my pin I didn't want and was going to try and trade it for something better with the Jawas. #hondoohnaka #bobafett #hollywoodstudios #disneyshollywoodstudios #hollywoodstudiosorlando #galacticnights #launchbay #starwarslaunchbay oh and the Disney staff took this pic!! So nice ;u; can't believe my phone didn't die yet at the time. Also included my idiot happy video of seeing the small slave 1 model xD enjoy the second hand embarrassment <3



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