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Tomorrow I’m going to learn how to weld the drilled holes leftover from the previous floor. This will be to prevent any rusting and then it’s onto layering out the flooring! Also, don’t mess with carbon monoxide!! I can say from first hand that CO poisoning is nahttt a joke. So I pulled out the old plywood flooring and I had to take the screws out from the actual floor. I counted over 100 holes ranging from an eighth inch to a half inch wide. Basically shotgunned all throughout the cab. Since I still use the van for work, last night I had to take my typical 45 min commute and by the end of that ride I had a splitting headache, super nauseas, and overall just weak. I associated this with some other health problems I’m dealing with. I got to work to unload my sister’s and my art but couldn’t work at all. So I went to park then take a nap to sleep off the migraine symptoms. THANK THE STARS I woke up to throw up in an empty toolbox. It wasn’t until later last night I was told by my moms boyfriend why I was sick. I essentially was poisoning myself with carbon monoxide by sucking the exhaust fumes in through the 100+ holes in the floor. It takes 24 hours to get CO out of the blood so I’m not fully back to normal yet but will for sureeee be buying myself a CO monitor ASAP



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