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Despite the cold temperatures, the color palette around here is HOT! 🔥 Just did my first #pouredpainting and I’m in love with the technique! It’s fun & easy!! Going to be showing you the how-to on the upcoming season of @makeitartsytv (we film the new season next week!) #makeitartsytv #goldenpaints #whatjuliemade #acrylicpaint


  • 45w ago cheryl_macy cheryl_macy

    Beautiful! Looking forward to the tutorial. My daughter and I just poured last week with not great success. We are excited to learn more.

  • 45w ago lindayoder66 lindayoder66


  • 45w ago nosoybasura nosoybasura

    I love the pouring technique, the painting takes its own form, I see a Mardi gra mask!

  • 45w ago vickiboutin vickiboutin

    Love doing this. Love your palette!

  • 45w ago preidenbach preidenbach

    Yay!! Been seeing this on Youtube and wondering about it.

  • 45w ago canadiannurseratchet canadiannurseratchet

    Sooooo yummy ... I really want to try this!

  • 45w ago jbharts56 jbharts56

    WOW! Fabulous! I also loved your podcast with Diana Trout. You, your mom and Diana were discussing valuable metaphors for validating enjoying an art practice and practice being an artist. Loved the entire discussion! Thank you. Thank you! 😘😘😘

  • 45w ago chicakks chicakks


  • 45w ago beauty_seeds beauty_seeds


  • 45w ago bexoftex bexoftex

    I love pours!

  • 44w ago lizaann01 lizaann01

    Wowza!!! Love it. I need to learn about this process.

  • 44w ago kristinvie kristinvie

    Can’t wait to see! Love it!!


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