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Episode 6 of This Is Why I Run with ultra-runner @timothyallenolson is here! Click the link in our bio to watch the video and learn how to run mindfully with Timothy. #poweryourpassion #whyirunjaybird


  • 44w ago sil.brazil sil.brazil

    💪🏽 gettin it!!

  • 44w ago redzombie redzombie

    I just returned my Jaybird Runs due to the charger case that stopped charging. Cool headphones but I think this style of headphone still needs some bugs worked out. I did pick up a pair of the X3 which I hope I will love as much as my X1’s.

  • 44w ago carlosdemoreno carlosdemoreno


  • 43w ago tjbfit tjbfit

    Earbud of choice!

  • 38w ago holbenf holbenf

    Machine @timothyallenolson Saludos desde chile 🇨🇱


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