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This is what We Animals images are for! So thrilled to be contributing images to the new @lush and @hsiglobal campaign against fur 🙌
Visit to read my firsthand account of what it's like to do an investigation on a fur farm.

Repost from @lush:

Is your fur really fake? Labels can lie. Sign the @hsiglobal petition for a #FurFreeBritain – tap the link in our bio👆🏿👆🏽👆🏻#WhatTheFur


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  • 31w ago furrym0nsters furrym0nsters

    I was on the fence about weather or not to wear faux fur,suade,leather,etc.I heard mixed reviews from different vegans,some feel the faux stuff still promotes it so rather than stress I just don’t even buy anything faux whatever.Seeing this post makes me extra glad I don’t,wow❗️

  • 31w ago achikill achikill

    Traducción al español, por favor

  • 31w ago alexmack17 alexmack17

    I commented to peta not long ago that I thought it was weird to promote a faux ostrich bag. They didn't seem pleased and I got a snappy reply. It just doesn't make sense to me that someone would still fakely advertise cruelty. But maybe I'm weird.

  • 31w ago coco_almendrado coco_almendrado

    So how do I know if it’s really fake? 😰😰😰😰 I don’t use fur but I have a couple of faux leather jackets and boots 😥😥😥

  • 31w ago tammy_akitamama tammy_akitamama

    @markiesuess @jnowak4933

  • 31w ago sasafras sasafras

    Bravo to you all

  • 31w ago weanimals weanimals

    @coco_almendrado @lush has a good recent post about how to tell is fur really is faux!

  • 31w ago mcdbrinegar mcdbrinegar

    I buy nothing that has faux fur for fear I'm being lied to about it's true source.

  • 31w ago pacdog_running pacdog_running


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