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The soundtrack of my new animated movie "All I Want For Christmas Is You" featuring the brand new song LIL SNOWMAN is out now! 🎅🐶 (link in bio)


  • 40w ago typicalxriah_ typicalxriah_

    I saw this and was like mom we have to see this today and she said okay. I love this movie it's so cute💥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 40w ago and1rea_ and1rea_


  • 39w ago belka_the_beagle belka_the_beagle


  • 39w ago kandii_lovley kandii_lovley

    My kids loved this movie ! & so did I ❤️❤️

  • 39w ago itsgingerdavis itsgingerdavis

    I love that movie but it was kind of sad when she said “I can’t wait to get rid of you” to Jack, jack escaped and walk away and sad music came on that was the sad part

  • 39w ago eward19 eward19

    My little girl & I love love loved this movie! So funny & a lovely story thank you @mariahcarey ☃️🎅🏻🎄🐶💞

  • 39w ago doyourdancedesign doyourdancedesign

    Thank u so much for making this beautiful movie and helping to keep my 2 darling little nieces (aka the goblins) occupied for a while. Merry Christmas to u and ur family. Xx

  • 39w ago queenkyle04 queenkyle04

    Very cute movie👍🏽

  • 39w ago sweetstar24 sweetstar24

    Love the movie ❤️

  • 39w ago iambrittany______ iambrittany______

    Girl i kno almost every word to this movie lol everyday its watched in my house

  • 39w ago elenaqallaku elenaqallaku

    The best movie❤👏🏼👏🏼❤

  • 39w ago cat_221 cat_221

    Omg such a cute movie!!! I loved it!!! 🎄❤️🎄❤️🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻🐶

  • 39w ago ddlovato09 ddlovato09

    I ordered ur movie ♥️

  • 39w ago yg082817 yg082817

    My 3 month old baby is watching it right now, even cooing while watching it lol. Cute movie!

  • 39w ago marluxiart marluxiart

    I honestly loved the movie 💜

  • 39w ago shantellemarie09 shantellemarie09

    Loved this film,watched it 5times in a row with my lil ones❤️Great movie 🎥

  • 39w ago mcookie72 mcookie72

    I was missing her curly hair though. Cute movie though!!

  • 39w ago alayna319 alayna319

    My son loves this movie !

  • 39w ago lilacandela lilacandela

    Such a amazing 😉 movie

  • 39w ago cbfarmmomma cbfarmmomma

    @mariahcarey we loved your movie. My 7 year old was in tears when she thought you had lost Jack for good. I loved the music great movie Mariah ❤️🌟🎅🏼

  • 39w ago jusasiam01 jusasiam01

    Great movie! My 3 year has watched it 4 times 😩💙

  • 38w ago ceciliaescutia ceciliaescutia

    Played this for my class on the last day before we got out for winter break. They were glued to it the whole time and loved it!

  • 38w ago deeomondi deeomondi

    Where can I watch it

  • 38w ago audrianagriser audrianagriser

    I loved this movie!💖

  • 38w ago missjessiicaaa missjessiicaaa

    Me and my daughter loooooved! Hopefully it'll be around to rewatch next year ❤️

  • 38w ago darcymariedruck darcymariedruck

    So cute

  • 37w ago frank_i_e77 frank_i_e77

    @sheila1328 I wanna see this

  • 37w ago shadyslim2017 shadyslim2017


  • 37w ago belladolce5 belladolce5

    My daughter, Lucia is 2 and she is obsessed with this song and the movie. She wants to watch it all day long! It’s such a cute movie ❤️

  • 37w ago layylovelyy layylovelyy

    My 1 year old has been watching this nonstop since it came out! Will you be making another movie? Please say yes cause he's obsessed with Jack ☺

  • 36w ago kiki_the_havallon kiki_the_havallon

    My Daddy has bought it I,loved it too ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • 35w ago mamide2nenas mamide2nenas

    Mi hija no para de verla tiene dos años y le encanta Jack la encontré por casualidad canary island Tenerife 😘💖

  • 34w ago amymccombie amymccombie

    My daughter loves this movie!!!

  • 29w ago victorianilan victorianilan

    @brigittelencke can we watch this?

  • 26w ago vivian_bermudz vivian_bermudz

    My little baby loves this movie he keeps watching it every day and he loves Jack

  • 25w ago doll_up_808 doll_up_808

    I love this movie🐾❤️

  • 25w ago doll_up_808 doll_up_808

    I love this movie🐾❤️

  • 15w ago angelinahernandez6387 angelinahernandez6387

    I have that movie

  • 10w ago rlgnzlz17 rlgnzlz17

    @squishyjg #gimme

  • 9w ago lasdeliciasdepochochaoficial lasdeliciasdepochochaoficial

    my daughter loves this movie July 17 and we are seeing her at this moment, love from chile


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