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Galaxy A5 and A7 (2018): fingerprint reader below the camera, Infinity Display. Follow @moboworld_sony for Latest Sony Mobiles Updates.
We’ve heard what’s inside the Galaxy A5 (2018), now let’s look at what’s on its outside. A pretty extensive leak details the general design of the 2018 A-series with a focus on the A5 and A7.

The back will have a fingerprint reader under the camera – huzzah, why couldn’t the Note8 be like that? Anyway, it’s a fairly small reader, it looks like it could have been repurposed from a Home button reader.

Speaking of buttons, the new A-series will have a Bixby button. We can hear the groans already. At least now Samsung allows you to disable the key.

The schematic of the front shows an Infinity Display. Not unusual, the A-series always gets the flagship S-series features a year later.
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