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A few hours wandering in the Dyrehave forest. Created as a hunting reserve, these animals now live safe, peaceful lives (apart from the odd irritating photographer who stalks them for a good portrait!). ❤
Fallow deer. Denmark, 2017.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 45w ago swishylynn swishylynn

    They are beautiful 😍

  • 45w ago defectivetrxgedy defectivetrxgedy

    Deers are such incredible creatures. ❤

  • 45w ago ericameier6 ericameier6

    Wow! So beautiful

  • 45w ago claudelynn_caringvegan claudelynn_caringvegan

    Magical creatures.

  • 45w ago ahimsavet ahimsavet

    Thats great news! There are culls going on here now to thin out herds (sharp shooters in a nearby National Historic Park). Sharp shooters! How do they manage herd size there?

  • 45w ago mydreamforanimals mydreamforanimals


  • 45w ago another_earthling_soul another_earthling_soul

    Beautiful. Deers are almost spiritual in their grace 💚

  • 45w ago jillian._nicole jillian._nicole

    Gorgeous. 😍😍😍

  • 44w ago earthling.ism earthling.ism

    They are not completely safe. Each year some of them get shot just to make sure they don't grow too much in population.. I wish they would just leave them completely alone. Beautiful picture❤


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