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Social media giants are censoring, scrubbing, banning, blocking counter jihad experts and conservatives according to sharia blasphemy laws. Defy them, get FATWA. 👄🇺🇸


  • 56w ago dazzling_star777 dazzling_star777

    Modern Day Esther & Joan of Arc! We are with you !

  • 56w ago dazzling_star777 dazzling_star777

    Fellow Americans need to get on We need to let Facebook & all the rest.... they will NOT muzzle US! Spread the word.

  • 56w ago dcjohnson300 dcjohnson300


  • 56w ago fat_old_lady_45 fat_old_lady_45

    Stop censoring Pam, corrupt social media!!!

  • 56w ago smarks_oxyblues smarks_oxyblues

    #LovePamGeller She needs to be heard

  • 56w ago liberty_unicorn liberty_unicorn

    Everyone should consider moving to it's open source thus, hopefully, eliminating this issue

  • 56w ago sean.pierce.3762 sean.pierce.3762

    @pamelageller funny because I saw something this morning on the LAD Bible (which is usually for comedy) on Facebook and it was a sex you advent calender. So you can attack any white Christian Male ideal no problem Catholics no problem but, Islam they would never go after. I am very tough to offend but, I was pissed when I saw this.

  • 56w ago norrie.brown norrie.brown

    Love this woman ✨👍🏻💕

  • 56w ago amosjr.wolk amosjr.wolk

    Thank you

  • 56w ago joelstaffel joelstaffel

    Awesome lady

  • 56w ago beatriceorrenvade beatriceorrenvade

    You are amazing!💖

  • 56w ago pork_fried_rice_eater pork_fried_rice_eater

    If she so mad why doesn't she use another social media site...or make her own... Instagram and Facebook are not a right...she tripping

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @waiting_for_my_uber your "opinion", as ignorant as it is, is the reason there is a problem . Free speech means anything anyone says should be allowed. Our tech giants shouldn't have the power to silence the opposition and restrict free speech. Read George orwell's 1984

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @onceagainitsameric your entire comment is nonsense. You might be retarded.

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @_tboss306 there will be a war one day

  • 56w ago pork_fried_rice_eater pork_fried_rice_eater

    @__ka0s__ wait she doesn't own Facebook...if a person does something that Facebook owners don't like they have the right to remove them...the right of free speech doesn't mean I can go into Dunkin doughnuts and yell Krispy Kreme is better...if I did that I would be removed from the store...same principal... maybe you need to stop reading science fiction and read actually United States codes...idiot

  • 56w ago _tboss306 _tboss306

    @__ka0s__ Islam has been at war with non believers for thousands of year. Their fight has never stopped.

  • 56w ago mokrygina mokrygina

    Not good

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @waiting_for_my_uber these are American companies that are anti American. Wrap your head around that , idiot.

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @waiting_for_my_uber you are allowed to go into Dunkin doughnuts and yell that. Nobody can stop you. All they could do is call the police and have you escorted off the property, perhaps get a ticket for disrupting the peace. You obviously are a child.

  • 56w ago pork_fried_rice_eater pork_fried_rice_eater

    @__ka0s__ you silly fool you just said it yourself...they would call the police and ticket therefore freedom of speech is regulated by what the business owner wants. Facebook is not a's a place of can say what you want in public spaces but you can't do it in a place of business. I'm not worried about Facebook censorship when coal companies are allowed to dump coal waste in tell me what's more anti American... Facebook telling people to stop or companies killing Americans to save on overhead cost...

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @waiting_for_my_uber the law is not to be questioned. You are allowed to randomly visit a donut shop, talk shit , and leave before the cops leave with 0 incident. However if you start to DISTURB THE PEACE, the cops can come and enforce the law. You are a filthy anarchist.

  • 56w ago ___ryan____________ ___ryan____________

    @waiting_for_my_uber Facebook is acting like a permanent free- speech cop that forever censors and molds society into its ideal thinking pattern to benefit itself or it's true owners . A cop doesn't do that to a person nor has that power to silence and indoctrinate society. He tries to keep the peace, not fake people into believing there is actual peace.

  • 56w ago pacroad777 pacroad777

    God bless you Pamela!

  • 56w ago sinbad3828 sinbad3828

    @pamelageller truth!!!! That’s something the Left hates. 💯

  • 56w ago bgjohnson0 bgjohnson0

    Truth is NOT their 'aim'..slanting news to THEIR Agenda....and how do we get to TRUTH?

  • 56w ago marilyn_amatucci_palmer marilyn_amatucci_palmer

    So brave

  • 56w ago pork_fried_rice_eater pork_fried_rice_eater

    @__ka0s__ companies have always have that power to decide what message it wants to be associated with....Facebook or any social media site can do what it wants because they own I said of you don't like what they are doing then don't's America you can choose to start your own social media sound like some crying communist upset at capitalism...this is America...

  • 56w ago neilsthepoet neilsthepoet

    Betrayal sedition

  • 56w ago jacumbagirl jacumbagirl

    I was censored just now for 12 hours on Twitter. Read your newsletter daily, Pam.

  • 56w ago tippiflower.datkat tippiflower.datkat


  • 55w ago nungyloves nungyloves

    Nothing can stop the truth ! Nothing can stop Pamela !!

  • 55w ago ratts_ass ratts_ass

    I've been noticing my Facebook seems to be being hampered. Like my post are not being seen. I had a small following of about 450 people. I posted conservative political views and support president Trump. Started about 2 months ago.

  • 55w ago vogelaarmark vogelaarmark


  • 55w ago aslan__000__ aslan__000__

    im a kurdish guy really want to show my support for u being a brave woman telling the world the truth about radical islam. We had suffered enough for hundred of years in the hand of muslim oppressors. thanks for ur support of the kurdish nation🇮🇱❤🙏🏻 God bless

  • 55w ago 0000mikey0000 0000mikey0000

    Anybody who believes those viewer\follower counts were ever honest, is delusional!! All of them are owned by control freaks!

  • 53w ago akm1509 akm1509

    You all believe this woman? What’s her background and education? She literally is a talking head with makeup with a mental health disorder. It’s scary that everyone believes everything as long as they say something scary. This shit is so dumb

  • 45w ago ageless_eylon ageless_eylon

    @akm1509 Pamela is VERY well informed with the FACTS. She is a hero and true activist of human rights

  • 14w ago aldingjekaj aldingjekaj


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