Instagram post by @kimberlyessensa Kim Essensa

This Christmas Cactus is confused! #dualcolor #christmascactus #welcometotheessensas


  • 53w ago peterjlikus peterjlikus

    Is it two plants in one?

  • 53w ago kimberlyessensa kimberlyessensa

    @peterjlikus I don’t know, I’ve had it for over a year and it’s never bloomed white before!

  • 53w ago stephalope_p stephalope_p

    Candy cane!

  • 53w ago peterjlikus peterjlikus

    @kimberlyessensa Wow! It’s stunning.

  • 53w ago wolanskifarms wolanskifarms

    Our cacti are all blooming now too. So strange!

  • 53w ago annessensa annessensa

    I had one once that bloomed in July 2 years in a row. So confused!

  • 53w ago townsend_brenda townsend_brenda

    They bloom whenever you got it if it was blooming then so I heard. My parents had one we gave them in November and always blossomed then. So pretty whenever they bloom!!

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