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Huhu! My ChaeRa heart. @daraxxi there are maybe haters around but please remember the huge number of people who love & support you no matter what. @chaelincl your hardships & sacrifices will all paid off. It will be worth it.
My dearest girls, it may be a long road, there are sunny moments & sometimes bumpy & dim, but for sure you'll get there. You're both passionate & determined, I know you'll do well. This may be redundant but it's true & from the heart, BJs/Daralings/GZBs are here, we are still here. We will wait for you and support either group or individually. I love you both. 😚 #chaera #dara #sandara #CL #chaelin gif ctto iCarlyRusher


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    My respect to Dara's hot straight qn. Dara be like: ☕ or 🌵 ???😤💥 😂😂

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