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Instagram post by @shamozal Kirsty Rice

Gatecrasher at lunch yesterday. So brave so handsome.


  • 1w ago cathyhugg cathyhugg

    Oh I've been wanting to try that restaurant! Is it fabulous?

  • 1w ago shamozal shamozal

    @cathyhugg beyond fabulous! Let me know when you’re coming down and we can go together- maybe with our NT friend???

  • 1w ago cathyhugg cathyhugg

    Fantastic! Will do! My husband and I have been talking about trying it for months! He's back in Adelaide early December and then again two weeks later so if you're around then let me know!

  • 1w ago taishagranger taishagranger

    Love the maggies, hope he sang you a song ❤

  • 1w ago sarahhstee sarahhstee

    How blue is the water!

  • 1w ago billieroze billieroze

    What a beautiful vibrant picture. Love it

  • 1w ago jollpiper jollpiper

    Great photo👍

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