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Mila Kunis trolls Mike Pence on a regular basis, while giving to a good cause (via @nowthisher)


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    @claudy_sweet yup I was caught lacking my bad. Sorry I’m in an airport i’m typing and walk what’s your excuse?

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    @briannamariebongiorno So because of her actions it brought a lot of attention to herself, and the VP... by doing that she basically made herself a target to the people such as pro-lifers and obviously the right wingers. So pro-life groups like Susan B. Anthony List decided to accept donations under Mike Pence name. Which you can thank Mila for that. Now people are sending donations to pro-life groups under her name and actually sending letters thanking her. A little taste of her own medicine. Also the people are boycotting the shit out of 🥃 Jim Beam because she is the spokeswoman. They will eventually will relieve her and it goes on to possibly her movie career, where half of America and the world won’t watch her movies no longer. So Mila Kunis is on that L 🚂 as we communicate.

  • 65w ago valenvernet valenvernet

    Exactly what is fighting back? For women to have the right to kill their unborn baby? People say that women should have the right to choose over their own body and I agree however an abortion implicates terminating the life of ANOTHER human being, dont they have a right to choose over their own body and whether or not they should live?

  • 65w ago brilliantly_boring brilliantly_boring

    @taoslefteyelid interesting. *nods head*

  • 65w ago taoslefteyelid taoslefteyelid

    @brilliantly_boring I’d actually do it lol

  • 65w ago rmestroni rmestroni

    She is vegetarian to protect cow’s life

  • 65w ago bigd.5050 bigd.5050

    @myeyesontheworld It isn't illegal to donate money in someone else's name

  • 65w ago therealtonyrandall therealtonyrandall

    The sins of the individual is their own, but the government's. I believe abortion behind a sin unless in extreme life or death causes, not cosmetic. TBS it's not man's place to controller the sins of another.

  • 65w ago freesh_avo_cado freesh_avo_cado

    Abortion shouldn't be allowed

  • 65w ago freesh_avo_cado freesh_avo_cado

    If you don't want a kid use protection gosh

  • 65w ago logiandlily logiandlily

    @sanchezsophie_ @gisel.sanchez.medina

  • 65w ago nobodys.purple nobodys.purple

    what about if your raped , sometimes people use the pill and it still happens, that is your opinion, it is a woman’s choice @freesh_avo_cado

  • 65w ago freesh_avo_cado freesh_avo_cado

    @nobodys.purple if you get raped you can get an abortion

  • 65w ago freesh_avo_cado freesh_avo_cado

    @nobodys.purple but if you intentionally have sexual intercourse and end up pregnant that's your fault and getting an abortion is wrong

  • 65w ago sanchezsophie_ sanchezsophie_

    @loganandres_ so policial logis😂😂😂

  • 65w ago lukeduke0131 lukeduke0131

    @mrsnewmann they're shit just like you and the two shit barges that liked this idiotic comment

  • 65w ago pierce_tapp pierce_tapp

    Why is this even a debate, abortion is wrong bottom line, ur taking away human life, it's murder!

  • 65w ago d.rosaa_ d.rosaa_

    Isn’t that lowkey Identity Theft? Or maybe Forgery or Fraud?

  • 65w ago gabexrage gabexrage

    @pierce_tapp Not your choice to make it's there choice.

  • 65w ago eileenmaggs eileenmaggs

    @nobodys.purple - ...Ben shapiro "It’s really not good to take the marginal case and then use that to argue broad. So what people tend to do is that they say, ‘Well, what about the girl who is raped, what about her abortion case?’ So now let me ask you, if the girl weren’t raped, and she just got pregnant, would you think that she should still have access to an abortion?"

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  • 65w ago rohebard rohebard

    @gabexrage u shouldn't be able to choose to murder someone

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  • 65w ago thefoodfattie thefoodfattie

    Giving to a good cause? Good god these people are mis guided

  • 65w ago nobodys.purple nobodys.purple

    @eileenmaggs yes it’s her choice , i don’t believe in abortion but she should be able to do whatever she wants

  • 65w ago eileenmaggs eileenmaggs

    @nobodys.purple Im saying, a life is a life. There are laws that protect a person in a vegetative state. You cant pull a plug on a person when they are brain dead, cant talk, fed through a tube. That would be murder right?. I dont see the difference. Lets just say the baby is attached to the mother and grew outside of the mother's body..this way you can see the fingernails and hair growing. The baby moving and sucking her thumb...the heart is developed and beating at 6 weeks. Is it really her body though at his point? Its another person there. A baby outside of the womb has rights, why shouldnt a baby inside the womb have rights?

  • 65w ago nobodys.purple nobodys.purple

    @eileenmaggs i understand what you’re saying but a person should have a choice because let’s say you have no money no food or support to take care of a child why keep it and give a the worst life ( hypothetically ) i don’t believe in a abortion but everyone should have a choice

  • 65w ago anonymousphilosophy anonymousphilosophy

    @nobodys.purple If you are a person who has no money, no food, and no support then you have the CHOICE to buy a condom, you have the CHOICE to not have unprotected sex if you don't have a condom. Anyone who needs to get an abortion after having consensual sex is an irresponsible person, plain and simple. If you don't want to have a baby, then don't have unprotected sex, plain and simple, if you still choose to even when you aren't ready to have a baby, you are an irresponsible person, plain and simple. Allowing access to abortion to people who have irresponsible consensual sex is directly supporting irresponsible behavior. It's directly conveying the message that a person can make all the irresponsible choices they want without any consequences to their actions. That persuades people to make irresponsible choices. People should never have the right and the free ability to start and then end a future humans life just because you are horny and irresponsible.

  • 65w ago richerich59 richerich59

    @gabexrage taking away a life is not a “choice”. It’s murder for the sake of convenience.

  • 65w ago airupthereeee airupthereeee

    @yo_girl_vee look ! Lol

  • 65w ago mrz_willmz mrz_willmz

    Abortion is murder but when these kids grow up in poverty, parents can’t feed them, or these families need low income housing so they provide a roof for their families, I don’t see people respecting or caring for these lives as they grow up. You can’t be pro life and not give a shit about the child as it grows.

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    @sanchezsophie_ yeah! 😂😂😂

  • 64w ago gisel.sanchez.medina gisel.sanchez.medina

    @loganandres_ oh wow!

  • 63w ago nick.tyburczy nick.tyburczy

    Abortion is murder

  • 63w ago sam_hermoozaloo sam_hermoozaloo

    I'm gonna donate to Trumps 2020 campaign in her name

  • 60w ago ginge.rrachel ginge.rrachel

    @pierce_tapp I'd rather have no child than have a child living on the streets

  • 56w ago suhmlingwong suhmlingwong

    @saggy_sam omg i love her

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