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People ask how can jihad sympathizing de Blasio win in the wake of his dismantling counter Terror programs that took the Halloween jihadi's mosque off the watch list - here's your answer. Nobody votes. And the corrupt Democrat machine gets out their bots with box lunches and a couple of bucks stashed in their pockets. #vote #deblasiosupportsjihad


  • 45w ago jlshas1990 jlshas1990


  • 45w ago kfitzbear kfitzbear

    He is disgusting!

  • 45w ago domenic2013 domenic2013

    NYPD & NYFD should come out in force to bote against him but they won’t.

  • 45w ago dmhatche dmhatche

    Statues stay - Deblasio goes!

  • 45w ago felrich felrich

    Every American has the RESPONSIBILITY to vet candidates and VOTE! Unfortunately, people are so uninformed that I think they are afraid and embarrassed to vote. The apathy will kill us in the end.

  • 45w ago z1daniel z1daniel

    Why did no one with a chance to win run?? We will now be stuck with this loser.

  • 45w ago poppa_ru poppa_ru

    Democrats have no shown no evidence of success yet their blind followers continue to vote to keep them in power. Stupid is, as stupid does!

  • 45w ago wifeyb78 wifeyb78

    I can’t vote in NYC election or I would have #gethimout #votedLongIsland we are a steady flow of votes

  • 45w ago jordan_dance_fashion jordan_dance_fashion

    I drove over an hour in traffic from Manhattan to Queens to vote out comrade deblasio.. I don’t understand citizens who don’t vote, I took it seriously since I was 18.. keep up the good work Pamela! 🥇

  • 45w ago flockdiane flockdiane

    Where are the Jews of NYC? How could they vote for this Muslim sympathizer? A friend of Linda Sarsour?

  • 45w ago dan90660882908 dan90660882908


  • 45w ago donnakmetz donnakmetz

    wrong, just wrong, get rid of the pinko commie

  • 45w ago da_commander da_commander

    @jordan_dance_fashion very smart of you. The mayor is a total disaster wake up New York

  • 45w ago cbunny111 cbunny111

    I saw that today was voting day & looked up where my local polling place was - saw that there is nothing for me to vote on & no polling place to go to. Bizarre that we don’t get to vote on anything at all this year! I was really looking forward to voting out incumbents

  • 45w ago michael68marler michael68marler


  • 45w ago biddy_baby biddy_baby

    Exactly!!! And it's disgusting too, BTW!!! New York always gets what they deserve for not voting. Unfortunately the rest of the normal people have to put up with these freaks that get elected bc of sheer laziness.

  • 45w ago marilyndurbin marilyndurbin

    I cannot fathom how new York can re elect this buffoon. And by a huge margin. Your in trouble NY, and I dont care.

  • 45w ago marilyndurbin marilyndurbin

    @flockdiane Jews are democrats who can figure that out? I can't get an answer

  • 45w ago onceagainitsameric onceagainitsameric

    If it's possible that you can help we'd appreciate it we're American kaldarash a national unheard of they branded us gypsies which we are not we just like to clear the air so people can know the truth so would you call President Trump a gypsy because he flies to and from in Air Force One that's what that means person that goes and comes we didn't steal chickens nor children nor did we sell them that was fabricated so people could be afraid of us that was very dumb let me know if you can help if not I understand that's okay

  • 45w ago onceagainitsameric onceagainitsameric

    Thanks for looking.

  • 45w ago claudiamarie917 claudiamarie917

    @biddy_baby i had to leave NY. Its horrendous

  • 45w ago markus201469 markus201469

    De Blasio is a piece of shit

  • 45w ago biddy_baby biddy_baby

    @claudiamarie917 🙄😫

  • 45w ago ronnie2401 ronnie2401

    @onceagainitsameric sad

  • 45w ago bgjohnson0 bgjohnson0

    Many voters filed complaints when they saw their votes 'register' DeBlasio, when they did NOT vote for him!

  • 45w ago woojimmzartz woojimmzartz


  • 45w ago lou.goldberg lou.goldberg

    Can’t believe he is voted in again.

  • 45w ago timothyfinnian timothyfinnian

    So true

  • 45w ago timothyfinnian timothyfinnian

    @claudiamarie917 I'm still here

  • 45w ago dianepepitone dianepepitone



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