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Day 6 of thankfulness. Today I'm thankful for this ugly couch. When my husband and I first got married he had total bachelor style leather furniture. But it was new so there was no point in getting another set. A few years later when I was 28 weeks pregnant and we had just moved to Florida we walked into Ashley's looking for a new set. Although this one wasn't our style it was so comfy. It looked durable and kid friendly.So we bought it. It's lasted 6.5 years and it's where I spent countless night holding and nursing a newborn to sleep. Where I cuddle all my kids together to watch a show or talk about our day. Where we spend time reading, talking etc. it's been peed on, puked on, and spit up on and it shows every bit of that wear and tear. It's def a "family" couch. We get our new set Thursday which I am beyond excited about but I will be sad to see this couch go. My sweet sensitive little girl shed a few tears yesterday when we told her we were replacing the couch. She's def going to be sentimental like her mom



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