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Last day of #QuiltFestival and I have fallen in love with the charming and whimsical work of @suespargo 🙌 So inspiring. #Quilts full of texture and lovely details. 😍 Swipe left to be enchanted! #iqf #julielovesart #wool #applique #quilting #suespargo


  • 28w ago hudsonsailor27 hudsonsailor27

    I've been following @suespargo

  • 28w ago hudsonsailor27 hudsonsailor27

    I love her work.

  • 28w ago fionajellie fionajellie

    Love Sue's work. I've been lucky enough to be in a class with her.

  • 28w ago lovestrucklily lovestrucklily

    These photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing ESP for those of us miles away ❤️❤️❤️

  • 28w ago heidiorndorff heidiorndorff

    Wow! Her quilts are so colorful and fun ! ❤️

  • 28w ago sosuzi sosuzi

    They’re all so precious!

  • 28w ago keelyboley keelyboley

    Amazing. So much detail!!

  • 28w ago martha.frances martha.frances

    I love this one

  • 28w ago thecraftycutie thecraftycutie

    Wow!!! 😍

  • 28w ago susanwhitesullivan susanwhitesullivan

    I do agree! They are magical!’

  • 28w ago pamgarrison pamgarrison

    Yes!! I was lucky enough to teach after her in Orvieto last month and she shared her stunning work with us all. It's even more incredible in person, isn't it?!? And she was as delightful as her work!

  • 28w ago carolyngreenetx carolyngreenetx

    I discovered her work this weekend as well and loved it!!! She has two books out as well about her techniques.

  • 28w ago aklovecolor aklovecolor

    I can certainly see why. The overall pieces are full of life and movement and color and the workmanship is extraordinary. Particularly the quilting around the leaves. Oh my!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • 28w ago anlinadesignsdolls anlinadesignsdolls

    Her threads are amazing to work with and a brand new book on stitching was unveiled!

  • 28w ago harmony4mom harmony4mom

    It’s beautiful!

  • 21w ago creativecathi creativecathi

    Discovered her years ago when living in MN. Have one of her books.

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