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Think this was the first object that I returned after engraving and exhibiting. I also had to cut the fucker in half as otherwise it wouldn't fit in the laser cutter, if you look at the final couple pics you can see where it's glued back together. It was probably a year between the time I picked it up and whenI finally returned it. Hopefully it's happy after it's adventure and not too traumatised.
Was a piece of brick on the bank of the lee navigation (or possibly river?) near Leyton. I did have the coordinates but have misplaced (lost) them I think. I've not been back to check if it's still there, it's not too far off the beaten track so would be surprised. Feel free to aimlessly walk the cut and have a look though. Have also included an etching of the route taken on my walk, not sure if these really work on instagram? As a side note the brick had a veneer on it which made the text stand out quite nicely, it's also the sort of brick you often get in the outside of pubs and I like pubs. So I'm just gonna assume this brick used to be part of a pub.
Too much waffle for an Instagram comment.
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