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  • 50w ago annessensa annessensa

    Did Allie get loose?

  • 50w ago kimberlyessensa kimberlyessensa

    @annessensa uggh yeah. Yesterday morning chased a buck. This is the 6th time now? She has figured out if she runs through the fence fast enough it doesn’t zap her. 🙄 after troubleshooting, I also think we whole need a new unit. Ours is going on 9 years!

  • 50w ago annessensa annessensa

    Oh no! I've heard some dogs do that. Joan's neighbors. The Pascuccis. They had chocolate labs. We're taking a running start and run right through it.

  • 50w ago kimberlyessensa kimberlyessensa

    @annessensa we went 3 months perfectly fine too!!


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