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@peta has released a shocking investigation showing the treatment of geese killed for the down in @canadagoose jackets.
When shown love and given freedom, geese are intelligent, strong-willed animals who will form strong social bonds with humans and other animals. For every Canada Goose jacket purchased, several of these terrified individual animals are captured by farm workers, carelessly injured, and slaughtered.
See the investigation on @peta's platforms. Please, choose a winter jacket that doesn't cause animals to suffer and die.
Bruce at @catskill_animal_sanctuary. USA, 2016.

Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals


  • 28w ago goligabbay goligabbay

    The only good thing is that after checking their Instagram account, there are countless negative comments from aware animal activists, including mine. This investigation will make a huge impact in shifting the mindset of the masses. Let’s make them shut down their business!

  • 28w ago veggiesandthecity veggiesandthecity

    Love your pictures. They tell the stories that we all need to know

  • 28w ago olunia725 olunia725


  • 28w ago tizberetta tizberetta


  • 28w ago welcomethrillho welcomethrillho

    @canadagoose are disgusting.

  • 28w ago easyanimalfree easyanimalfree

    Shocking / not shocking.

  • 28w ago prachtbeate prachtbeate

  • 28w ago restorang1 restorang1

    😡😤 je boycott @canadagoose et leurs cruautés. Et j’en parle à tout mes amis....

  • 28w ago theorganicfootcompany theorganicfootcompany

    😘 good they are exposed for this. So disigusting what levels some companies go to. Poor geese :(

  • 27w ago accio_meghan accio_meghan

    @thenorthface is amazing. Their jackets are cruelty free☺️

  • 27w ago accio_meghan accio_meghan

    Peta kills animals. They "rescue" them from shelters then kill them and they have been caught dumping their bodies into dumpsters.

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