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“In my dreams I sometimes used to walk in dark houses that were strange to me - dark, terrible houses. There were black rooms which shut me in, so that I couldn’t breathe, and floors which opened up to depths just where I was going to tread, and stairs which gave way, so that I fell. But no dream house was so terrible as Sir Kato’s castle.” After turning Bohus Fortress black and white a memory from when I was 10 or 12 immediately sprung to mind: it was the castle of Sir Kato, the evil knight with the iron claw and heart of stone in ‘Mio, my son’ by Astrid Lindgren. Reading it again the passages about Sir Kato are still delightfully sinister: “When he said that name the air all around us turned cold as ice. A tall sunflower in the garden withered and died, and the butterflies lost their wings so that they could never fly again.” #bohusfästning #kungälv #fairytale #sweden #sverige #castle #moodygrams #bw #architecturelovers #blacknwhite_perfection #autumn #ominous_perfection #bnw #tower #literature #storytelling #astridlindgren



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