Instagram post by @chasinthebees ChasinTheBees


  • 67w ago mat_titude mat_titude

    That sun reflection looks kind of like a heart, looks very peaceful 🌄

  • 67w ago dailygrind_discgolf dailygrind_discgolf

    Woh, very bright

  • 67w ago kkmb2009 kkmb2009

    How often do you play there next time. Hit me up me and my buddy will tag along I live 5 min away from newton hill

  • 67w ago chasinthebees chasinthebees

    @kkmb2009 I will keep you in mind...essentially my home where I choose to expose my son the all the wonders the hill has to offer, like shards of glass and hypodermic needles...

  • 67w ago kkmb2009 kkmb2009

    Yea its not a food course for kids I havnt brought min there yet

  • 67w ago kkmb2009 kkmb2009

    Or come to barre falls dam

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