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STYLE ONE... R.I.P. (work in progress.)
Working on my friends portrait takes time and meditation. Hopefully did him justice.
#styleone #ftwcrew #sddcrew #southgate #graffitilife #graffitiartist #elserenoyard


  • 38w ago juanito621 juanito621

    #rip #styleone

  • 38w ago mrrepo700 mrrepo700

    Really ,,,,that was the homie from sgate when we was young 🙏🏻sdd,ftw

  • 38w ago original_meltdown original_meltdown

    @mrrepo700 yes that's him. I'm working on it with his brother @ortegism and other of his homies. I for one am a friend from his teen years when we painted together as SDD. It's been a 5 month long process. Reuniting with friends 30 years later. The time goes by and we slip into legend. Only if we remember o paint our stories on the streets of LA. Con Safos

  • 38w ago mrrepo700 mrrepo700

    @original_meltdown 30 years later how good times fly brotha nuke 🙏🏻

  • 30w ago original_meltdown original_meltdown

    @stephendfuller any work you need


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