Instagram post by @jsigone "shut up! legs"


  • 43w ago skydivesandiego skydivesandiego


  • 39w ago ju_jigs ju_jigs

    Sick rig👍🏻 What size wheels/tires you running?

  • 39w ago jsigone jsigone

    @ju_jigs ko2 285/75/18 on methods with +18 offset. Good fit

  • 39w ago ju_jigs ju_jigs

    @jsigone very nice. on factory AHC? any clearance issues?

  • 39w ago jsigone jsigone

    @ju_jigs still on factory AHC, 195k miles. I had to hammer the pinch weld tiny bit behind the front tires. Only rubbed under high speed compression in off camber turning dips (rare conditions) Fits fine otherwise and in spare wheel too 👍🏽


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