Instagram post by @applesandamandas amanda victoria | 🌱 vegan

This whole plate cost me $1.21 cents to make. All the ingredients I found at the 99 cent store, and I can make this same meal at least 3 more times with the leftover ingredients.
Here's the ingredient breakdown per serving:
Potatoes: $0.20
Baked beans: $0.25
Thyme: $0.01
Spinach: $0.25
Avocado: $0.50
Eating vegan does NOT need to be expensive. And you CAN eat a wholesome, healthy meal on a budget! I spend way less money on average than what I used to which helps cause #collegelife. It's all about playing around with your ingredients, getting creative, and knowing where to shop (@99centsonly store if you #staybroke). What's your favorite "on a budget" meal?


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