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| POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER | If you're like most people, when you hear the term “post-traumatic stress disorder” you think of war veterans and survivors of a traumatic event. When your life is in imminent danger, your fear triggers a fight-or-flight response that floods your body with adrenaline, so that you can respond to the threat. Once the threat has passed you may experience emotional aftershocks. This is the classic form of PTSD recognized by therapists and psychiatrists.
However, there’s an epidemic of hidden PTSD in our culture. In its true definition, PTSD involves lingering negative feelings that can result from any adverse experience—getting fired, the end of a relationship, chronic illness, or even just a time when you feel like you failed at something—and that limit a person in any way. These feelings can include fear, doubt, panic, avoidance, anger, hypervigilance, irritability, sadness, shame, vulnerability, distrust, and more.
There are no limitations to what can cause PTSD, yet even in today’s modern times of self-help, therapy, and emotional understanding, health professionals mostly reserve the term PTSD for life-or-death experiences. This ignores the numerous incidents that alter (for the worse) the way someone experiences life. Regardless of its cause or scope, PTSD negatively influences the choices we make and changes the fabric of who we are.
What is happening
On a physiological level, PTSD causes a chemical imbalance in the brain that occurs when someone experiences trauma. Glucose is a protective biochemical that provides a veil of protection for sensitive brain and neurological tissue. If there isn’t enough glucose stored in the brain to feed the central nervous system and to protect the brain from the corrosive effects of adrenaline and cortisol released during stress, emotional upheaval can create lasting effects. If someone’s glucose storage is low, she or he could get PTSD just from a flat tire, while someone with sufficient glucose storage could witness an armed robbery and tell the story to a friend over dinner that same day, unruffled. ⬇️keep reading below or click link in profile for full article + radio show⬆️


  • 55w ago tanyaturro tanyaturro

    I got treated after the loss of 2 babies back to back after years and years of IVF. The trauma turned my life upside down. My babies were perfect with no faults or any issues. Seems my body had the issues and ended their little heartbeats. Its a pain i live with everyday. My body has let my heart down.

  • 55w ago sararinaldiexpressivearts sararinaldiexpressivearts

    @godshealthyliving yeah, any creative activity is a very powerful tool for healing and release, at any age, and you don't need to have art experience

  • 55w ago sararinaldiexpressivearts sararinaldiexpressivearts

    @godshealthyliving if you're talking abt the arts...

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  • 55w ago simplyklaraa simplyklaraa

    These are incredibly empowering words! Thank you 🙏🏼🌞

  • 55w ago judewalsh_writer_lifecoach judewalsh_writer_lifecoach


  • 55w ago holisticsandra holisticsandra

    @medicalmedium oh gosh.. this is a tough one.. I know what this is all too well.. the triggers are so painful and cause so much stress in the body but knowing fruit and dates help tremendously to build my glucose reserve gives me hope that one day - the triggers will be gone for good 🙏 thank you for sharing this!!

  • 55w ago kristina_butterfield kristina_butterfield


  • 55w ago smity.smit smity.smit

    My question is. If a person has PTSD and is on a glucose free diet, what can they do?

  • 55w ago essentials_for_all essentials_for_all

    @essentialhealth15 Tracy, Anthony Williams book, Medical Medium (I believe my mom gave you the book, so give it a read if interested), and his other 2 books, are so so beneficial and have helped many, including myself. Wanted to share his post with you and send much love always ❤️ There are so many things out there as to why we don’t know what’s going on, or how to help support our bodies. He does and has helped so many many people. ❤️ Highly recommend. He has radio shows you can listen to as well- every Monday (they are recorded too so you can go back and listen).

  • 55w ago sinkingship86 sinkingship86

    If someone has bad ptsd eating more sugar is not going to help .Mind you prob 99% of people with ptsd have normal levels. Also, does this mean diabetics have extreme protection from ptsd...😳

  • 55w ago chancieskyromeo chancieskyromeo

    Your book saved me , this part especially!

  • 55w ago heal.thyself.1111 heal.thyself.1111

    Hi Anthony! I provide EMDR therapy to clients, and I think I get great results helping people alleviate their PTSD, anxiety or depression. I hope people will learn more about EMDR and find a therapist near them. There are plenty around 💗💗💗

  • 55w ago clairedisilvio clairedisilvio

    After 18 months of torturing myself and all those around me I am starting to feel like me again .... there is a light u just have to keep searching @medicalmedium thank you for a great article

  • 55w ago reillyscottmusic reillyscottmusic

    Yes!! Thank you for posting this.

  • 55w ago princessflora111 princessflora111

    @godshealthyliving great for you 😊😊😊

  • 55w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @princessflora111 yeah Lithium Orotate, L-TYROSINE, 5-htp....

  • 55w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @princessflora111 you can get them at GNC or Whole Foods market or Vitamin Shoppe real cheep

  • 55w ago lotusland13 lotusland13

    I so agree. So glad you posted this. Thank you. 💗

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  • 55w ago dmobe dmobe

    Seriously can NOT thank you enough for writing n sharing this! Truly PTSD is a “hidden epidemic” among A LOT of people throughout our world today. Very little is said n done about it. Stereotypes need to be dismantled n dealt with. Therapy/counseling is SO IMPORTANT & NEEDED today!

  • 55w ago dmobe dmobe

    @clee8855 absolutely agree! Finding a safe n qualified therapist/counselor is KEY!

  • 55w ago lowtoxlife lowtoxlife

    @shar_mullan love this. Add TRE of course! x

  • 55w ago smity.smit smity.smit

    How can a person who suffer from PTSD and on a glucose free diet deal with PTSD?

  • 55w ago princessflora111 princessflora111

    @godshealthyliving these are not mentioned in medicalmedium book. Where did you get this info?😇

  • 55w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @princessflora111 oh no problem here's my email email me hello and I'll send you the YouTube video with the Doctor breaking it all down

  • 55w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @princessflora111 it works and right way... It was just one hour after taking it I was like oh snap I feel normal

  • 55w ago sihamjd100 sihamjd100

    How do I get the link for this article ?

  • 54w ago princessflora111 princessflora111

    @godshealthyliving thank you 😊 I see. So different info you mentioned. Thank you for your help and offer. And I am happy you could heal, I am happy I could hear your healing since it shows hope✨

  • 54w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @princessflora111 I didn't get an email from you, so here's the info anyway, Dr.John Gray "Lithium Orotate improves your life".

  • 54w ago godshealthyliving godshealthyliving

    @sihamjd100 send email and I'll send you info

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    @medicalmedium thank you dearly

  • 52w ago natloved natloved

    @gage_elle_crew learning to breathe properly plays a huge part in controlling panic attack .. as well as diet xx

  • 52w ago natloved natloved

    @clee8855 emdr is so good (if you get a good Therapist) it’s amazing

  • 43w ago nadia_polish nadia_polish

    Thank you!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 40w ago kalenolson kalenolson

    @medicalmedium thank you for sharing :)

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    @mara_yoga THIS is what I was trying to find for you! 🙏🏻

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