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How is it 18 weeks already??? It blows my mind that I'll be almost 5 months pregnant with this little girl 💕💕💕Momma has heart burn like IVE NEVER FELT BEFORE 🔥🔥🔥and have round ligament pain that makes me double over in shock , this chick is spicy already🙈😂I could eat pickles all day long but morning sickness is pretty much gone and I have really no cravings 🙌🏻👌🏻almost halfway!

PS- I feel like I could be on " I didn't know I was pregnant 😂😂allllll that ab work before I got pregnant is keeping that little one TIGHT in there !!


  • 63w ago shellmarie shellmarie

    @bonnie_engle aw, you will. Just wait... you will wake up one morning and be like “ where did this belly come from” so much fun 💗

  • 63w ago bonnie_engle bonnie_engle

    @leann_mercer omg 🔪🔪🔪it's like a knife !!!

  • 63w ago sspeer06 sspeer06


  • 63w ago strongbossandproud strongbossandproud

    I didn't show at all until my third trimester when your six month starts. It was kind of nice. The first pregnancy is like that. The belly takes longer but it's coming!

  • 63w ago bonnie_engle bonnie_engle

    #18weekspregnant #friendshipgoals #blanqi #mommyandme #fitpregnancy

  • 63w ago sspeer06 sspeer06

    You look amazing!!!! The belly will come, don’t worry! Xoxo so happy for you! The second half goes way faster than the first half, since you don’t feel like warmed over death lol.

  • 63w ago jannette_leiva jannette_leiva

    You have the most amazing fit belly!!! I hope I can keep it that tight at 18 weeks!

  • 63w ago bonnie_engle bonnie_engle

    @sspeer06 hahahaha warmed over death, what an accurate description ☠️

  • 63w ago leann_mercer leann_mercer

    @bonnie_engle it is, and can be quite scary too. I always felt better laying on the side that was hurting and it would ease up. Best wishes to you and enjoy the adventure❤️

  • 63w ago fit_confident_transformed fit_confident_transformed

    What BOD an workouts do you recommend for best results?

  • 63w ago liltinywarrior liltinywarrior

    Round ligament main is awful!!!!!!! It’s because your core is so tight! But it’ll pass.

  • 63w ago casshernandez13 casshernandez13

    They say heartburn means a hairy baby and that was totally true with my baby girl!

  • 63w ago kickash_fitness kickash_fitness

    I carried the same as you I was so fit pre pregnancy with my second my iron abs corset kept my bump hide till I was 24 weeks along.

  • 63w ago jesmitch1 jesmitch1

    I'm only 16 weeks and I definitely don't look like that 😂. Holy smokeshow!

  • 63w ago torapeebles torapeebles

    @strongbossandproud me too. I was 30 weeks before anyone could see it.

  • 63w ago blessedbythechaos blessedbythechaos

    Round ligament pain is no joke! Every time I sneeze 😖

  • 63w ago chulauribe chulauribe

    Heartburn with girls are horrible!

  • 63w ago liz.ann.johnson liz.ann.johnson

    Where's she hiding Bon lol can't see her yet but she'll make a Grand appearance before we know it ;) xx 😘

  • 63w ago natjaebailey natjaebailey

    You’re doing amazing girl! I popped around 22 weeks. Waaaaait for it . It’s funny , one day you’ll wake up and go OMG this is what “popped” means. Lol! Keep embracing the process! & congrats on your DAUGHTER! Have you said that word yet? 🙌🏼😭

  • 63w ago lizzie__3 lizzie__3

    You look awesome! I starting popping at 20 weeks with my last baby. #mommyof3

  • 63w ago erinpolizzi207 erinpolizzi207

    And I only have it when I am pregnant!!!!!!!!! Then the heartburn is gone!

  • 63w ago erinpolizzi207 erinpolizzi207

    @lipslattesnbabes omg yes!!!!!!!!

  • 63w ago smilesparkleshinefitness smilesparkleshinefitness

    Ugh that round ligament pain is the worse!! I was so terrified every time I sneezed or coughed lol 😫 You look amazing!! Those abs will bounce right back afterwards too with all your hard work from before 💪🏼💪🏼

  • 63w ago becca__bee becca__bee

    You look AMAZING!Hope I can stay that fit when my time comes ❤️!

  • 63w ago auntiebonnie680 auntiebonnie680

    My mom always said "heartburn = full head of hair" and you look friggen amazing!!!

  • 63w ago fit_confident_transformed fit_confident_transformed

    @xiomara_ortiz_laureano ab workouts is what I meant. @bonnie_engle

  • 63w ago niremchugh niremchugh

    #goals !!! Need to get my abs in shape before i have kiddos!!!

  • 63w ago beckyjoy___ beckyjoy___

    So tiny and cute!!!

  • 63w ago embracethecrazy3 embracethecrazy3

    Hugs mama!!! I had round ligament pain with my last two and OMG....that will stop ya in your tracks!!!! And heartburn🔥🔥🔥....mine would wake me up in the middle of the night (and i can tell ya the old wives tale of heartburn equals lots of hair played out true with two or mine 😉) You look amazing and thanks for including us in your journey...and your gender reveal was soooo cute💓💓💓

  • 63w ago jessika_prescott jessika_prescott

    @embracethecrazy3 wives tale didn't work over here. My heartburn was CRAZY TOWN and super baldy babies. 😂

  • 63w ago pamhorvathfit pamhorvathfit

    It goes soo fast! And even faster after you have them. You look great momma! ❤️ 🤰🏻

  • 63w ago smalltownbetty_ smalltownbetty_

    You look amazing and I am so excited for you to be a mama! Using KT tape really helped with my round ligament pain (I had it BAD ⚡️). It got worse for me 4-5 days post-delivery, and once again KT tape came to the rescue! 🙌🏻

  • 63w ago ericagreerfitness ericagreerfitness

    Can’t wait for you to start feeling her move around! It’s the best feeling in the world!

  • 63w ago bonnie_engle bonnie_engle

    @xiomara_ortiz_laureano I'm doing shift shop!

  • 63w ago simonemikkers simonemikkers

    WoW you look amazing! But after 20 weeks your Abs won’t hold it any longer 😉

  • 63w ago my_michelle__ my_michelle__

    @kesh1508 🤰🏼how cute?

  • 63w ago mimi_4117 mimi_4117

    So happy for you, congratulations 😊💕

  • 63w ago amber.l.barnett amber.l.barnett

    @jessika_prescott lol. yup. My son had lots of hair and my daughter was bald as could be and my heartburn was worse with her!

  • 62w ago healthyerdoc healthyerdoc


  • 62w ago goldiemerrell goldiemerrell

    27 weeks with all 3 of my kids is when I finally had a baby belly... My boobs were pregnant not my belly 😂😂😂😭😭😭

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