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An elegant approach to powerbuilding aesthetics. Or life. Or solitude. You are always in control of how you let adversity manifest within you, the difficulty lies in the discomfort of an accurate assessment. Interpreting the actuality from nonbias is an organic process that will naturally evolve with patience. Time. Perspective. Sometimes it takes a decade to have an accurate lens of what was. I am going to make my mark, by telling all of you my insecurities and flaws. If I am going to be alone, I'll use this online barrier to be vulnerable. Because I have crossed all mountains physically, and now I am tired and just wish to have a positive impact on those I can reach. You see this! When I was in high school I took a prohormone and got the worst acne, which evolved into hormonal imbalance that lead to a depression. I was in a lot of pain, and I did not know why. For the longest time I could never look someone in the eye because I was so embarrassed. I'd only feel comfortable in the dark when no one could see. I remember hearing a girl I had a crush on tell her friends how disgusting it was. 11 years later I still wear pimple cream every night before bed, and for the longest time I wouldn't stay anywhere but home because I was embarrassed of that too. I am going to start a movement. #life #adversity #perspective #youth #sincerelyexist #aesthetics #powerlifting #bodybuilding #powerbuilding #hybrid #athlete #flex #muscle #tattoos #diet #cardio #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitspiration #instafit #inspiration #motivation #hardwork #relentless #kidlife #recess #forever


  • 72w ago

    @namnamnamm check DM

  • 72w ago sannoerr sannoerr

    I. Love. This. Pose. Someday I might look close to this... minus 70lbs ;) Awesome work bud.

  • 72w ago itsadeadshame itsadeadshame


  • 72w ago sanaysk sanaysk

    Absolute goals right here. Man, you're my biggest inspiration right now. Physically and mentally.

  • 72w ago namnamnamm namnamnamm

    @sannoerr homies 4 life

  • 72w ago biiggredd biiggredd

    Always so down to earth and real bro. I love it🙏 keep on fuckin going

  • 72w ago jwils9043 jwils9043


  • 72w ago fosterparnell fosterparnell


  • 72w ago j_kitch53 j_kitch53

    You're real man, from the good to the shitty you're real. Stay true to you bro, I aspire to be like you!!

  • 72w ago miss_fit_silva_1974 miss_fit_silva_1974

    Artwork ❤️

  • 72w ago t_thick_ t_thick_

    Looking lean n' mean homie .

  • 72w ago tommystyl3 tommystyl3

    Epic shot dude! Looking Awesome !!!

  • 72w ago neroinktattooshop neroinktattooshop

    Oh yess!!!

  • 72w ago mkm257 mkm257

    Killing the game! Hope you listened to the nothing song by now

  • 72w ago namnamnamm namnamnamm

    @mkm257 holy fuck! My man!!!!! Who sings it? I'll download it now, heading to the gym

  • 72w ago joey121293 joey121293


  • 72w ago mattrhuggins mattrhuggins

    Sick pose @namnamnamm love it homie!!!

  • 72w ago mag_faulk mag_faulk

    Yes!!! And you said you suck at posing 🙄

  • 72w ago mkm257 mkm257

    @namnamnamm sigur ros! Come on! Get on it! It’s awe inspiring

  • 72w ago michy_0618 michy_0618

    Let's try something new in our lifes. Stop having the same routine everyday. Working at home is awesome!!

  • 72w ago namnamnamm namnamnamm

    @michy_0618 network marketing can be an excellent journey, I've seen it. Wrong choice here though, if you were curious about it maybe I could help you? Just be real, and find your mark to make an influence. Go that direction. Good luck

  • 72w ago jbhart808 jbhart808

    Powerlifting / Bodybuilding🎨!!

  • 71w ago benradix benradix

    Great photo!

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