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Hey ladies! Just a few weeks ago we announced our new Stylist program for @shopashleylemieux, and it's been going great so far! Just last week we launched #theshineproject jewelry as a part of the program. Now you can make extra income and empower lives by selling #shopashleylemieux clothing and Shine jewelry. •
We've launched a new Starter Stylist Package that will give many of you a launching pad to start with a lower investment, because we want to help you launch your business before the holiday. You can apply now by clicking the link in our bio! Cannot wait to work with you!


  • 38w ago livesweet livesweet

    Yay!! All so exciting!

  • 38w ago babyboybakery babyboybakery

    Miss You!!

  • 38w ago bkruttan bkruttan

    I purchased some #theshineproject jewelry in Montgomery at Holiday Market! I ❤️ it!!!

  • 38w ago bkruttan bkruttan

    Montgomery, Al

  • 38w ago lexastrat lexastrat


  • 38w ago tessajoyxo tessajoyxo

    Yay! Love being a stylist! I have already made back my investment and I am less than one month in. So grateful for this opportunity to make some extra money to help pay off my student loans! 🙌🏾💃🏽🎉

  • 38w ago deaguirrrock deaguirrrock

    can we join at any time or is it until a certain time?

  • 38w ago fromtheclarkside fromtheclarkside

    I’ve got to know where you got those shoes😍

  • 37w ago lumitory lumitory

    So awesome! 🙌🏼💛

  • 37w ago kaleymunday kaleymunday

    You are WONDERFUL!!!

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