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I have a bowl of salad on the table but after I ate half of it, my body is now kinda refusing to eat it anymore. 🤢🤢 I need to change my diet or I just need little break from this...🥒🥕🌽🍅🥑🥗 #salad #struggle #rubbitfood

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  • 54w ago dr.phi11u.up dr.phi11u.up

    What you need is some CoCo's

  • 54w ago sanae_k_oki sanae_k_oki


  • 54w ago soysh_ soysh_

    @sanae_k_oki しにたのしみ

  • 54w ago ecks1910 ecks1910

    Fish is always a good choice.

  • 54w ago vontburnett vontburnett

    Perfect figure

  • 54w ago soysh_ soysh_

    @ecks1910 fish.. I will try.👌🏼

  • 54w ago soysh_ soysh_

    @vontroyusmc noooo!! No way near perfect! 🤷🏻‍♀️ but thank you 😄💪🏼

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