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  • 51w ago yarivvaknin yarivvaknin


  • 50w ago sweetie_peee sweetie_peee

    Omgeeee! Pink hair! Maybe it was you! I saw a lady standing in line at target over the weekend, I thought she was you. But, she was wearing sunglasses so I couldn't tell. I didn't want to just approach her lol. Did you go to Target over the weekend? 😊

  • 50w ago kadibeauty kadibeauty

    @sweetie_peee I sure did! :)

  • 50w ago sweetie_peee sweetie_peee

    Lol! I knew it was you! I was the pregnant looking at you! lol I can't wait until after I have the baby to come back and get my lashes done. They were just too much to keep up with while being pregnant. 😫

  • 50w ago kadibeauty kadibeauty

    I get it girl! I’ve dealt with lots of mommies to be and new mommies 😉 you know where I am when you’re ready! 😘💕