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Another Day in the Office Business As Usual Nov.4th it’s Going Down in Brooklyn❗️Don’t Miss It❗️They’re Talented I’m #GodGifted‼️ #ThisIs50 #SizeEmUp #TeamTwill #Nov4th #BarclayCenter #Brooklyn #Undefeated #BoomCups #AzadWatches #TalentTonight #CharlieMeaneys #EatCleanBro #GodGifted


  • 12w ago og_bang_ og_bang_

    #dowork 💢🥊💢🥊

  • 12w ago jaypeso0902 jaypeso0902

    @tgodgiftedwill whoop his ass I seen he been running his mouth on the gram

  • 12w ago 2gloves1love 2gloves1love

    Respect ✊🏾 keep up the great work youngins! 🥊

  • 12w ago thomasjkehoe thomasjkehoe

    #godspeed T 🙏🏿🥊🇺🇸🙏🏼

  • 12w ago mostdopegraphics mostdopegraphics

    need a youtube banner?

  • 12w ago bars.13 bars.13

    Ima have to pull up n watch this shit live 💯💯 #exit13

  • 12w ago rawuncutfilms rawuncutfilms


  • 11w ago mr.velz mr.velz

    @hibiki_inc come hang with ya bro

  • 11w ago milahlinton milahlinton

    You in Beast mode T, but he don't look ready. He looking goofy was hell😫🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 11w ago kingdexofficial kingdexofficial


  • 10w ago riceand9eas riceand9eas

    @princeradiora bet I'm watching but it say Shawn ported next

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora yup...Titus definitely humbled the boy 😂

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora 😩, the disappointment in that sentence

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    @u.zicbk Play Boy You Blowing Real Hard Lmmfaoo I Bet you Dont Even know son personally ya no profile photo having ass No followers Having Ass boy Get Ya popularity up B4 saying a word .... nobody knows you #WhosIsThusguy Lmmfaooo #ExitStageLeftLookinaAss #Exit13 #standUp .... P.S. Look At TWill Record Compared To Ya mans you Riding Lmmfaooo #GetOut

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    My Boy Go more Wins

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @galaxyrel_solo_dolo lmao wachu mean record? Don’t my man got no losses and yours has one? Tf? Lmao you can’t be that smart Rel.

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @galaxyrel_solo_dolo lmao this nigga talking about get my popularity up yet you got a go fund me in your bio. Get your MONEY UP broke boy

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @galaxyrel_solo_dolo and if that’s really you in your bio you look like your on drugs bro. You should get help before you say anything else

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora lmfao I just went on your page, your music is trash bro 😩 old ass 50 year old still tryna make it in the music business. Nigga you need to worry about retiring in 10 years. At this rate you’ll be working till your 90

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora lol bro. Your heart is about to give out at any minute. I don’t think you need to be worrying about having any fights

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora lol nigga said set up a street fight on ig live. I would leave you looking like Bermaine Stevernie grandpa

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora take care of your kids old man they need a father figure, not some old ass gray haired nigga still tryna push out mixtapes. Your sorry ass. Your wife already looking at fucking with another nigga, she just don’t got the heart to tell you it to your face

  • 10w ago jst.c jst.c

    @princeradiora that’s how I know I just said some truth. You already caught her fucking behind your back huh. I know she got that sweet Spanish pussy, it’s killing you inside to know another man piping on the low. Damn son, I don’t even wanna go at it with you no more. God bless beloved. I pray your family makes it

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo


  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    I look like im on drugs you Sound Dumb & that gofundMe Was Because i lost a toe fuck boy aint nothing wrong with asking for help you hoe ass nigga & at least i have a photo up scary ass cant put one up probably got a hit out for ya scary ass Loser bet my son wont lose again b4 ya mans does

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    @ukbkny This hoe ass nigga boy Lmmfao trust I get Money Play boy Own car & My Own spot You Basement living under your parents ass nigga

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    I would Be able to say more about you but ya pussy ass aint got no photo up bitch nigga @ukbkny

  • 10w ago galaxyrel_solo_dolo galaxyrel_solo_dolo

    Lmmfao lame Ass @ukbkny

  • 10w ago elithebarbarian elithebarbarian

    @ukbkny Lol, bottom line.... The better man won!!! #shortandsweet

  • 10w ago milahlinton milahlinton

    @ukbkny YOU with no Pic & No Followers!!!! Get a Life

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