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The Martinez are officially at the World Series!!! #ThisTeam #gododgers #losdoyers #itshotasfuck


  • 55w ago a2thejholliday a2thejholliday

    WoooooooWhoooooooo!!!!!! Congrats Anabel!

  • 55w ago mzzktty mzzktty

    Omg have fun guys!!!! Live it up!!! Goooo Dodgers!!!! 💙⚾️

  • 55w ago kag886 kag886

    Have so much fun and take a ton of pictures!!! So excited for you!

  • 55w ago pattyleyva80 pattyleyva80

    Whaaaaaat?!!!!!!! So awesome!!!

  • 55w ago falorafa falorafa

    NO WAY!! Have fun!

  • 55w ago ninda88 ninda88

    Omg that’s so awesome!!!! 💙💙💙

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